Back to School Safety Tips

There is so much to think of and do as the first day of a new school year comes around.  While it may seem like everything should be the same as the year before, there are always differences or changes that happen.  For example, maybe your child is riding the bus for the first time this year or maybe you are going back to work and your child will be coming home to an empty house for the first time.  These are all things that you need to establish rules and guidelines for and then discuss with your child.

Here are some back to school safety tips for every parent and student:

  1. Backpacks can be very heavy, especially as a child gets older and has more binders for their classes. A backpack should never weigh more than 20 percent of the weight of your child.  All of the heavier items should be located closest to your child’s back.  Your child should also wear the backpack properly and use both shoulder straps.  Too many children end up with back problems, because they walk around with the backpack slung over one shoulder.
  2. Every child should know the safety rules of a school bus and how to cross in front of a school bus. Your child needs to remember to wait for the driver to tell them it is okay to cross.  Your child will also want to keep an eye out for cars that may be coming down the street and may not stop for the bus.  It is also important that your child uses the seatbelts while they are on the school bus.
  3. If your child walks to school, you will want to remind them to stay with a buddy and never get into a car with a stranger. They need to know that they need to be responsible when crossing the street too.
  4. Many children are riding their bikes to school and while this is a healthy option, it can be dangerous. Every child should wear their bike helmet at all times, in order to prevent a head injury that can occur from an accident.  Remind your child that they never know when an accident might happen, so a helmet can keep them safe all of the time.
  5. As children reach high school, they will be spending time with friends who drive their own cars to school. You will want to make sure that your child knows the rules of who they can ride with and how they should act while they are in a car with their friends.  Make sure that they know that they should never ride in a car that has more people than available seats and seat belts.
  6. If your child is going to be home alone for some time after school, you will want to have a few guidelines that they can follow. They should call or text as soon as they walk in the door.  You will want to make sure that they lock the door as soon as they get into the house and that they know to never answer the door for a stranger.  Most parents will not want their children to have friends over when there is not an adult in the house, but that is a personal choice.  Since most children are hungry when they get home, you should let your child know what foods they can eat as well as what appliances they are allowed to use.

Back to School Safety Tips

Do you have any safety tips to add? I would love to hear them below.


  1. These are great tips. I have never thought of school as a danger, but it really does lurk around every corner.

  2. My oldest daughter is getting to an age where I’m starting to worry more about school safety. When the teens hit, kids start to take a lot more risks. =/

  3. It is crazy to me how one of the most dangerous things about school is also the most common. I remember when the news first broke that backpacks were injuring children’s backs. I wasn’t surprised, though. Those things get heavy.

  4. My oldest is taking the bus this year for the first time ever. I worry that about after school and the late bus, I’m afraid she’ll get on the wrong one. She’s on the spectrum and may not soeak up if necessary.

    • A lot of schools practice coordinating between the teachers and staff and the transportation department as far as getting the kids on the correct bus, especially with after school programs. I know our school used to print off sheets with every child’s name and address on the drivers’ route. If there were any changes (like, child having doctor appointment, etc) the driver normally would get the change. I hope this helps some 🙂

  5. jmanandmillerbug says

    These are some pretty good tips. I drive my son to school each day but I do give him a lot of advice to make sure he stays safe and have fun while he is at school.

  6. The backpack tip makes a good point but sadly it doesn’t always work. I am frequently astounded at how many books there are and how much they weight.

  7. I don’t yet have kids but these are pretty good tips for all the parents with kids.

  8. themommadiariesbloggmailcom says

    These are really great tips. I am always so nervous with my 7-year old on the bus! Our school buses don’t have seat belts. I wish they’d change that :-/

  9. Great tips. They make rolling backpacks. I worked for a chiropractor for years, and he always suggested kids use one to avoid back problems as they get older.

  10. Heavy backpacks are the worst! I had issues with heavy backpacks as a kid.

  11. I used to drive school bus a few years ago, and we taught school bus safety I think the first week of school, how to cross, the signal that the driver would use to clear you to cross. Cannot stress that enough! When our kids got older I would worry about the kids they would ride around with, not personally knowing the kids, etc.

  12. Wonderful reminder of how to be safe and what to do for a new up coming school year. Our school doesn’t allow backpacks anymore. Found they didn’t work the best for children young or older.

  13. These are awesome tips. A bike helmet is not always cool but is so important. It can spell the difference between a minor fall vs. a more major incident.

  14. Backpacks are definitely heavy. I know I don’t miss carrying one around on my shoulders.

  15. This is some really great advice for those that are getting ready to head back to school over the next several weeks. We homeschool, and started back this week.

  16. These are so important to realize but many don’t! Our kids can’t have rolling bags and they don’t get desks or lockers so they’re carrying everything for all subjects in their backpacks!

  17. Claudia Krusch says

    I had no idea my Sons backpack should never weigh more than 20 percent of his weight. I find every year it gets heavier. I wanted to get him one with wheels but he refused.

  18. Establishing some clear rules for car rides is definitely important. You want them to have fun with their friends but they should be safe!

  19. kellyhutchinson37920 says

    So many great tips. I always make sure the kids backpacks are not too heavy.

  20. Amy Desrosiers says

    My kids might be taking a bus for the first time. We ares still up in the air on what we should do.

  21. I didn’t know that backpacks shouldn’t be more than 20% of the weight of your child. I’m going to keep that in mind as I pack my son’s first backpack!

  22. Great list of tips. As kids get bigger there are more worries. I will keep this in mind.

  23. The backpack tip is so essential. Unfortunately, unless they don’t have to bring textbooks home, the kids really get weighed down.

  24. So many awesome tips! the backpack tip is super important. Sometimes the schools overload those backpacks.

  25. Our Family World says

    We must check the weight of our kids’ back packs that they carry on their shoulders everyday. The effects may not be immediate, but we don’t want to see them with spine issues when they are older.

  26. It’s definitely important that we remind them of the things that they need to do to keep themselves safe when they’re in school or on their way home. These are all great reminders for parents!

  27. These are incredible tips, I never knew about the backpack not weight more than 20% of the child. Definitely locking the door as soon as they get inside and not answering the doors to strangers.

  28. Great tips! These are great conversation starters for the dinner table as we get ready for school to start again.

  29. Making a plan ahead of time is always a good idea. I am all about planning to avoid issues.

  30. Kita Bryant says

    I just can’t bring myself to let my kids ride, bike, or walk to school alone. I’m either taking them or they get on the bus. These are great safety tips to remember.

  31. I never knew about that 20% rule. I will have to weigh my kids’ backpacks now! lol

  32. Sandy N Vyjay says

    Reminds me of my own back to school days. The safety rules to follow when in school is something that needs to be reiterated again and again, as of course there is no room for error.

  33. These tips bring back distant memories of my own school days, and then my son’s first two years before I started homeschooling him and eventually his three sisters (11 years of homeschooling). Then my youngest two daughters went to public school for the first time for high school, so they never had the early experience of going to school.

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