How to Cook the Perfect Turkey this Thanksgiving #CdnTradition (Giveaway)

We often cook with Turkey throughout the year in various recipes but with Thanksgiving a few weeks away I have my eyes on a few yummy turkey recipes.  My family just loves the juicy turkey meat in our favourite dishes and I personally can not get enough of turkey sandwiches, turkey salad and turkey stir fry. But nothing beats cooking a Thanksgiving turkey with all of the festive trimmings and desserts.

I remember the very first turkey I cooked many years ago. I was a young mom and my parents lived on the other side of the country. Up until then, my mom or my grandmother had always hosted our family dinners. So I was flying solo and totally not knowing what I was getting into. I had my mom on the phone for most of it, and of course it turned out great. I think I was overwhelmed by the size and all of my friends saying they wake up super early to put it in the oven. Well if you put it on to cook early, you will be eating early. So I wake up like normal then start getting everything ready. Depending on the size we usually eat around our normal dinner time.

I have since cooked many turkeys on my own and I like to change up the way I cook them. I love how my mom made it very traditional, but I need to adjust to my family and their tastes. My teens love the white meat on the breast and my youngest can not get enough of the darker meats. She will eat both legs and wings if I let her. Anything leftover we make sandwiches with and usually a soup for the next week. That is if there is anything leftover with my growing bunch!


Depending on what may be happening though, we often have to adjust our meal plans. One year some of the kids had made plans and were not going to be home for dinner. So cooking less was an option. As they grow and start leaving the nest, I can see this being needed more and more.

Canadian Turkey is here to help you prepare the perfect turkey dinner that works for your family’s needs and deal with some of the typical challenges everyone faces while creating their perfect Thanksgiving meal.

Tip:Here’s a perfect solution for those of us who want to unveil that gorgeous festive bird for a small group of people.

Buy 1 whole Canadian turkey at your local grocer and get the butcher to cut it into 2 halves.  If your turkey is fresh, you can freeze the other half for another meal. The butcher can also cut a frozen turkey in half, so you can defrost and eat one immediately and place the other half directly in the freezer. Either way, this makes for a very economical way to have a beautiful and traditional turkey dinner for a smaller group.

Classic Roasted Half Turkey

Classic Roasted Half Turkey

Serves 4-6

Prep time: 15 mins., Cook time: 1 ½ – 2 hrs

For turkey:

  • ½ turkey, 3-4kg
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 medium onions
  • 6 large carrots
  • One bunch fresh rosemary
  • 3 large garlic cloves, unpeeled
  • ½ cup white wine
  • ½ cup chicken broth

For rub:

  • 1 tbsp salt
  • 1/2 tbsp pepper
  • 1/2 tbsp garlic powder
  • 1 tbsp ground sage
  • 1/2 tbsp ground rosemary
  • 1/2 tbsp ground thyme
  1. If your bird is frozen, place it in the refrigerator overnight to defrost.
  2. Pat the bird dry with paper towels.
  3. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
  4. Rub both sides of the turkey with olive oil.
  5. Combine all spices to make a rub. Sprinkle generously onto both sides of the bird.
  6. Slice your onions roughly into 1-inch rounds. Peel and wash the carrots.
  7. Pour wine and chicken broth into your roasting pan. Line the bottom with onions, whole carrots, unpeeled garlic cloves and rosemary sprigs.  Place the bird on top of all the vegetables, cut side down.
  8. Cook the turkey for 1 ½ – 2 hours until cooked through. Test for doneness with a meat thermometer.  Turkey should reach an internal temperature of 170°F (77°C) in the breast and 180°F (82°C) in the thigh.
  9. Remove turkey from the oven and let it rest for 15 minutes before carving.
  10. Enjoy!

Classic Roasted Half Turkey


Here’s an easy and quick way to make some homemade gravy to serve with your bird.  Take your pan drippings and skim all but a few tablespoons of the fat away.  Pour into a saucepan.  Unpeel the garlic.  Add the garlic and half the cooked onion to the saucepan.  Blend with a hand blender.  Combine 1 tbsp corn starch with ½ glass of milk until dissolved.  Add to the saucepan.  Stir over medium heat and bring to a simmer.  Lower the heat until mixture thickens and serve in a gravy boat.

Now if you are looking to cook a larger turkey you can, just adjust the recipe as needed. Whether this is your first turkey or the first time you are cooking for a smaller crowd, Canadian turkey farmers can help you with your recipe needs. I wish I had this resource when my children were smaller. Check out for recipes, tips and more!

This Thanksgiving season, make Canadian Turkey the centerpiece of your family celebrations!  Whether you are feeding a large crowd or making an intimate dinner for two, there are many different ways to prepare a turkey meal that fits your unique needs.  Turkey is a very versatile protein that tastes great with different flavour and spice combinations.  These days you can find a large variety of cuts at your local grocer, giving you many options in addition to the traditional whole bird.  With all this variety and choice, Canadian turkey is the perfect solution for your next family get-together, so why not make it your Thanksgiving tradition?


To help you with the extras you may need for your Thanksgiving meal, Canadian Turkey wants to give one lucky reader a $75 Gift card. Fill out the form below for your chance. Good luck!

Disclosure-This post has been brought to you by Canadian turkey Farmers, all opinions are my own.


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    POTATO-TOPPED TURKEY MEATLOAF BITES is my favourite turkey recipe and it provides a great meal solution for my family because the meatloaf is a favourite in my house plus it’s something that can be made quick and it provides maximum flavour. This recipe has potatoes and meatloaf all I have to add is vegetables and I’m done !

  19. The slow cooker turkey breast is a great recipe, easy and time saving.

  20. Potato-Topped Turkey Meatloaf Bites would be great. They’re variable in size, can be frozen, and we can add our own gravy or sauce. thanks

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  42. Cherry-Orange-Stuffed Turkey Breast

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  80. erin mcsweeney says


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  100. The smoked turkey wraps sound good and easy to make

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    Turkey Taco Pizza

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    Sweet and spicy oven fried turkey

  105. Sweet potato shepards pie looks like a tastey recioe.

  106. It would be terrific to win a $75 Gift card.
    In response to your requirement to
    visit the Canadian Turkey website and tell you why my favourite turkey recipe
    provides a great meal solution for my family.
    My favourite turkey recipe GRILLED APPLE ‘N’ HONEY TURKEY
    provides a great meal solution because it’s a delicious healthy meal.
    Thank you for having this giveaway.

  107. The sweet and spicy turkey drummettes would be great for a big family dinner!

  108. SWEET & SPICY OVEN-FRIED TURKEY DRUMMETTES sounds like a great meal solution for our family because our kids all love drumsticks and the cost of them is usually in our budget!! 🙂

  109. SWEET & SPICY OVEN-FRIED TURKEY DRUMMETTES because my family loves the taste and so easy for me to prepare!

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  111. Slow Cooker Turkey Breast would be a hit in my house!

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    SLOW COOKER TURKEY CHILI WITH SWEET POTATO, CHIPOTLE AND MAPLE is great for my family on weekends so it is ready when they are .

  113. I would love to try out the bbq turkey club for the family! It would be a hit I am sure!

  114. sarah alexis says

    I love the sounds of the Slow Cooker Turkey Breast because I am dying to get out my slow cooker – and it would make such a moist turkey!

  115. The BBQ turkey club BUT without the spicy mayo as I already have to take pills for my acid reflux. Thanks, love wish list for books is incredibly long and I’d love to get attachments for my kitchenaide mixer

  116. silverneon2000 says

    Moroccan Spice-Rubbed Turkey Wraps as it tastes good and has great flavour and it is something we all enjoy as a family.


  117. The Sweet & Spicy Oven-Fried Turkey Drummettes recipe looks delicious

  118. The Weeknight Buffalo Turkey Tacos look like a quick and easy meal that my family would love.

  119. The hubby would go nuts for the BBQ Turkey club with spicy mayo. A nice twist on an already loved recipe.

  120. We love turkey sandwiches with bacon, mustard, pepper on rye! AWESOME

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    OMG your Sweet and Spicy Oven Fried Turkey looks super yummmmy something I will surely try

  122. Shredded turkey tacos are healthy and low in fat. An assortment of diced veggies can be added to the tacos and they are easy and quick to make!

  123. sweet and spicy oven fried turkey

  124. Sweet and spicy oven fried turkey drumettes sound amazing! My family love the sweet and spicy sauces!

  125. We actually to love the Turkey tacos! Great balance with the protein, veggies and wrap!

  126. The slow cooker chicken breast. I loooove my slow cooker. It can be left on its own to cook, and food to be kept warm 🙂

  127. The SWEET & SPICY OVEN-FRIED TURKEY DRUMMETTES make a great , tasty quick family favorite and a healthy choice. A meal where my family can lick their fingers.

  128. The Turkey Apple Cheddar Melts. My whole family is a big fan of meat/cheese combinations.

  129. Shredded Turkey Tacos would be perfect for my family bringing together all the flavours we love!

  130. The sweet and spicy turkey drumettees sound like a great diner for everyone!

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  132. The Sweet and Spicy BBQ’d ½ Turkey on the Grill is our favorite. We love bbq so this is perfect.

  133. My household perfect Turkey recipe would be the slow cooker turkey breast . As a large family always on the go its perfect to throw it it and have a delicious meal when we arrive home for dinner to eat and head back out for activities again

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    we love making a turkey chili because it’s filling and lean and it also freezes very well! I can’t wait to use some of the recipes online!

  135. Grilled Turkey Tacos suits our family perfectly; juicy turkey with delicious spicy flavours.

  136. I’d love to try the Turkey Nicoise Salad with Sundried Tomato Dressing. Not only would it use up some leftover turkey, but it’s so easy and healthy, too.

  137. Christine Holliday says

    SNOW PEA, GREEN BEAN AND TURKEY STIR FRY WITH ORANGE GINGER SAUCE is my choice because I believe it to be one of the healthiest. We try to incorporate as many vegetables as we can in our diets, opting to leave out a lot of carbs like bread….and…it looks delicious!

  138. Grilled turkey tacos sounds great. I think it would be something that my whole family would like so that would make life easier.

  139. Sweet and Spicy BBQ’d ½ Turkey on the Grill provides a great hot meal solution for my small family and there is enough for leftovers.

  140. The Sweet & Spicy Oven-Fried Turkey Drummettes are great for my family because we like to eat with our hands.

  141. Turkey tacos sound yummy, and even my fussy eaters would enjoy them!

  142. Dominic cloutier says

    Turkey Niçoise salad sounds Dee-lish! I eat a LOT of salad so it’s nice to change things up with different ingredients

  143. Turkey leftovers always make an awesome soup!

  144. The Turkey taco pizzas seem like a tasty way to use up leftovers!

  145. Brenda Penton says

    My favourite is slow cooker turkey breast. It is so versatile. We eat is part of a big meal the first day and use the rest as leftovers in sandwiches, stews, soups, etc.

  146. My family would like the smoked turkey wraps..we love our wraps

  147. The turkey taco pizza sounds delicious ?

  148. I love the SWEET & SPICY OVEN-FRIED TURKEY DRUMMETTES. They are a lower fat substitution for fried wings, and they would be quick and easy enough for a weeknight meal.

  149. Shredded turkey tacos for sure! We love tacos in this house and everyone can dress them however they like and to their own taste!

  150. TURKEY TACO PIZZA! The family loves pizza and has all the food groups! 🙂

  151. SLOW COOKER TURKEY BREAST for my my Crock pot looks like a tastey and easy peasy idea!

  152. Rebecca okeefe says

    Turkey sandwiches are one of the only sandwiches my kids will eat

  153. The shredded turkey tacos. They are super versatile because you can add whatever veg is in season and they are easy to whip together!

  154. My favourite is the Slow Cooker Turkey Chili because it sounds perfect for the upcoming colder days.

  155. The Honey Garlic Turkey Tenders would 6a hit with my toddler.

  156. Tammy Dalley says

    The Tzatziki Turkey Cucumber and Cream Cheese sandwich sounds delicious I think my kids would love this

  157. our favorite is turkey chili bc we load it up with vegetables and the kids love it!

  158. The BBQ Turjey club with spicy mayo. A quick and delicious option when we’re short on time!

  159. Love the classic turkey and stuffing recipe. It’s a classic and everybody in my family loves it.

  160. The Slow Cooker Turkey Breast looks like a great meal solution for my family. Easy to prepare and nutritious.

  161. My favourite Turkey meal is the good old fashioned roast turkey with stuffing, gravy and vegetables.
    Its easy to prepare, and its something that ALL 5 of my kids will eat, and the leftovers make delicious soup.

  162. Melissa Black says

    Love this one – easy to grab on the go for leftovers

  163. Classic Turkey and stuffing recipe. One thing that everyone in our family loves is turkey and almost everyone loves stuffing lol ;0)

  164. I use an electric roaster. It doesn’t require basting and it frees up the oven for everything else.

  165. The Turkey Shepherd’s Pie recipe is loaded wih all of my family’s favorite ingredients!!

  166. I would love to try the BBQ Whole Turkey!

  167. The Turkey Apple Cheddar Melts has the ingredients my family would like. It also sounds tasty with a good variety of food groups included and easy to make.

  168. The BBQ Turkey Club with Spicy Mayo is perfect for my family as we love a great sandwich

  169. Erica Seaman says

    TURKEY BURRITO CASSEROLE looks delicious and my Daughter is starting to help prepare meals so it looks like an easy one for her to try.

  170. The Turkey and Black Bean Slow Cooker Burrito Bowls would be perfect for us because most of the work is done ahead of time and it’s a meal in a bowl.

  171. christy eldred says

    the first recipe I saw was BBQ TURKEY CLUB WITH SPICY MAYO and I can’t even get beyond that! It is a great option for my family as it sounds – and looks- like the perfect meal for us!

  172. our fave turkey recipe is homemade turkey burgers. from the site I think our family would like the turkey tacos (for Taco Tuesday and mexican nights)

  173. I’ve never made any of the recipes here, not exactly anyways. Our favorite recipes are just plain old roasted turkey dinner, turkey potpie and homemade turkey soup. This lean protein is extremely beneficial to my family as I try to eat cleaner and my son and hubby try to eat more protein. thanks for the opportunity!

  174. The Caesar Turkey Schnitzel Sandwich sounds delicious and an easy meal for my family.

  175. The Turkey taco pizza sounds like a delicious and easy meal!

  176. Ronald Gagnon says

    The BBQ TURKEY CLUB WITH SPICY MAYO provides a full lunch/meal in less than a half hour and is very healthy

  177. Debbie Petch says

    I would love to try the Sweet and Spicy Oven-Fried Turkey Drumettes!

  178. Oh my heavens the recipe for TURKEY TACO PIZZA looks wonderful!! I’m going to have to pin that one!!


  179. My favorite is the Slow Cooker Turkey Chili because my family loves chili and it is very filling for cold nights

  180. The Sweet & Spicy oven-fried turkey drummettes are perfect for us – loaded with protein and nicely spiced to mix things up! thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  181. Slow cooker turkey chili

  182. The Slow Cooker Turkey Breast is really great for me, I can set it up in the morning and it’s ready to eat by dinner time without having to fuss over it. Super simple!

  183. The Turkey Spinach Cob Salad is a great idea for lunches for everyone in our family.

  184. Tiffany Rotulo says

    grilled turkey tacos would be a hit in our house

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