Fall Cleaning checklist

Many people think about cleaning their house from top to bottom during the spring but many people do not think about major cleaning during the fall months.  There are certain things that every homeowner should do during the fall, so that their house is prepared for the cold and snowy months.

Here are some fall cleaning tips for every homeowner:

  1. This is the season when the furnace will be turned on, so every homeowner will want to make sure that their furnace has been professionally cleaned and serviced. This will ensure that the furnace works properly during the winter.  If the homeowner did this in the spring, then they will just have to replace the furnace filter now.
  2. Clean your carpet and tile with a service like Sir Clean Pro
  3. Fireplaces are wonderful, whether they are used for heat or just to provide a cozy feeling inside the house. However, fireplaces are one of the mostly known causes of house fires.  In order to prevent a fire from happening, homeowners should have their chimneys cleaned and inspected every fall.  Any damage should be fixed before the first fire is lit.
  4. The batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors need to be changed in the fall as well, so a good time to do it is either when the homeowner is doing their fall cleaning or when the clocks change.
  5. Cleaning out the pantry is the perfect fall chore, because it allows homeowners to know what they have on hand to eat during the winter months. In areas that are always hit hard with snow, ice and cold weather, many homeowners like to have a stockpile of food for the times that they cannot leave their house.
  6. Fall is a good time to clean the gutters on the house, to make sure that the snow and ice can melt and then drain through them. The gutters can get clogged with leaves and dirt easily during the fall, so once the last of the leaves have fallen, homeowners need to clean out all of the debris.
  7. Homeowners will want to touch up any paint on decks or railings, so that water and moisture does not get trapped during the winter months. This will keep the wood from rotting or other materials from becoming damaged.

Fall Cleaning checklist

Homeowners can prevent major damage from occurring during the winter months, if they do some basic chores during the fall season.  This will allow the homeowners to get through the winter without any problems that they would need to either fix immediately or once spring arrives.

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  1. Cheryl Grandy says

    It’s a good idea to do these things in the Fall, as preparation for winter. Thanks for the list.

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