How To Increase Your Twitter Followers Organically

Reaching 2000 followers on twitter felt like it took forever! But once I passed the initial follower limit it was smooth sailing. My followers have always been highly engaged but it was not until I reached 10 thousand that I noticed an increased in branded opportunities. Now i have just over 25000 followers and am growing steadily daily. Twitter has always been my top 3 source for blog readers. Because of this, I make sure I pay extra attention to it. Increasing your Twitter following is a headache for many people, but it can be a simple thing to achieve. Here are some easy tips to make your Twitter more popular within one week.
How To Increase Your Twitter Followers

Show & Tell people who you are

People do read bios, so let them know who you are. Be creative, funny, and engaging, but also give them factual information about you and your Twitter account so they know what they can expect from you. People are also more likely to follow you if you use a picture of yourself rather than a logo. No matter what though, stay away from the defalt egg as many will not follow back.Promote your account

You need to let people know about your account if they are going to read it and follow you. You should post your Twitter handle on your blog, when you guest post, in email signatures, on social media, and even on printed material. Make sure it is on you business cards when you head to events, conferences and meetings.

Know Twitter

Know the lingo and know how to post. If you know the “rules”, lingo, and basics of Twitter, you will come across as more Twitter savvy and people will be more willing to follow you on the site. I had a friend who helped me when I started. If you have any questions, leave them below. I am happy to help guide any new users.

Tweet daily

People won’t follow you if you aren’t Tweeting. And there is no such thing as tweeting too much! I tweet a lot. The way twitter is set up, people do not see everything you tweet. They do, if they go to your profile directly.  I share my content and others, I Retweet stuff I find interesting and share many articles I come across. I have conversations and tweet random pictures of my day.

Tweet to people

Mention people specifically in your Tweets. Their followers will see it and may be tempted to follow you, too.

Thank people for helping you, giving you an idea or just because. Most people will RT mentions and if nothing else, they will respond.

Follow Fridays, #FF are great ways to start this.

Follow people

If you want to be followed, then follow other people. Find relevant people and businesses to your industry to follow, and look for people that aren’t related to your industry, as well. This will attract new people to see what you have to offer. If you don’t know where to start, ask for  a twitter Directory (it is free) and search through to find who you want to follow.
Twitter suggests people to follow when you first sign up. I find those suggested in the beginning very seldom follow back. However, if you are a blogger, follow who a similar blogger follows. If you love giveaways, find another contester and follow who they are following. Same goes for couponing, comedy accounts, foodies etc.

Use hashtags

This goes into knowing about Twitter, but it also helps you to become searchable. Use hashtags relevant to your posts to allow people to search for those hashtags and find you. Hashtags should be short, relevant, and trending to be of use to you.

Hashtags can be searched on your search engine. I look them up often when I want to tweet a bout a specific location. Google “Hashtag for Vancouver” and results will show up.

Be fun and original

There’s no use in just copying other people all the time, and followers will catch on and get bored of you. Tweet your own content and make sure it is fun and what your followers are looking for. Quotes get retweeted more than anything, and that helps reach more people to follow you. Try Tweeting a few inspirational quotes to gain followers.

I also like to tweet tips, questions and fun pics.

Tweet breaking news

Let’s say you are in the car-seat niche and post blogs about such. If you receive a recall newsletter, Tweet it out immediately. That’s breaking news in your niche that people will follow.

I have my Google alerts set to topics I find interesting and things my readers respond to. When I get an email about these, I tweet them out.

Use videos and images

Visuals get retweeted at a high rate, so include them in your posts. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? And you are limited to only 140 characters on Twitter, so this will help you out tremendously.

Even though a few things have changed as far as character limits, images still do well. Create an image and add text to that image then share with your followers.

Ask for Retweet’s

Actually spell out the word “retweet” and you will see that people will retweet your tweets 23 times more than if you use the abbreviation “RT” and 80 times higher than if you don’t ask at all. Retweets reach more people and rive newcomers to your account, so simply ask for your followers to retweet you and receive more follows.

When it comes to twitter feel free to do what feels right. Jump into conversations, share other’s content, be yourself. Don’t just promo your business or product. Show you are a real person and you will grow.

A few things I have also done to keep my account growing and as clean as possible from spam.

Unfollow dormant account. Anyone who has not tweeted in a set amount of time has a chance of having their account hacked. Plus Twitter has follower limits set up keeping you from following new accounts if you do not have a good balance. This use to happen at 2000 and 4000. I am unsure if it is still the same. Untweeps allows you to see who has not tweeted. I usually set it to 60 days and remove those dormant accounts.

I also block and report and spammers who tweet me or follow me. If their profile says “buy followers” they are not followers I want. If their pic is a half naked body part, I am not interested. These account will create spam and chaos. Just block and report.

Follow these tips and you will notice a growth in your following.

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  1. Wendy hutton says

    I been trying for ages to get past that 2000 follower mark, very hard to do since I a not a blogger I been trying and I follow almost 5000 but its not too often they follow back, am going to try some of your suggestions and hope this helps me, thanks for sharing

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