Yummy Monster Munch

It is that time of year again. My daughter came home from school talking about her Halloween costume and planning our trick or treating route. It is still over a month away, but the planning for many starts now. Are you looking for a spooky snack to share with the kids? Maybe something for a haunted house, school party or just a yummy scary treat. Monster Munch is a perfect Halloween party mix, or great for a snack to help you get in the mood for the spookiest day of the year.

Monster Mash

Monster Munch
(Makes 16 cups)

2/3 cups of unpopped popcorn (cook as directed adding butter and salt to taste),
or 2 packages microwave popcorn
12 – 16 oz white chocolate chips, melted
¾ cup candy corn
¾ cup peanuts
1-2 cups mini marshmallows
6 oz. orange melts, melted
5 oz. chocolate chips, melted

1. Pop popcorn, remove unpopped kernels and place in a large bowl
2. In separate bowl, melt white chocolate
3. Pour white chocolate over popcorn, distributing evenly
4. Line two baking sheets with wax paper, and spread coated popcorn evenly
5. Sprinkle with candy corn, peanuts and marshmallows
6. Drizzle with melted milk chocolate and orange melts
7. Allow chocolate to setup and then break into pieces

We will be heading out tot he Bulk Barn this weekend to get everything we need to make up a batch of this. My kids just love it! I think this year we will share with my daughter’s school mates as well. (minus the peanuts of course)

What do you think? Would your kids love this treat?



  1. Yummy indeed!

  2. This is an awesome idea. Sounds delicious!

  3. Looks fun and I am sure my family would love it! Pinning!

  4. My oldest would love to make this and watch scary movies! 😀

  5. Whoo hoo! What a fabulous twist on popcorn! And really easy to make!

  6. Elva Roberts says

    I think it is a fabulous treat and my first thought was a very selfish one:” Who cares if the kids love it; I certainly will enjoy this Monster Munch. I would share and I know kids would love it. Look at the ingredients. What’s not too love?!

  7. Elva Roberts says

    There are delicious ingredients in this Monster Munch. There are MANY delicious ingredients. The children will love them and I will share-regretfully-but I will share. Thank you for a wonder Halloween Treat.

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