Young Child? Top Dog Breeds For Your Family

When you want to add a pooch to your family, you need to make sure you choose a breed that’s the right fit for your family. You have many questions that need answers like Are German Shepards good with kids? After all, you want to make it a great experience for your little one and the dog. Therefore, you need to consider each breed carefully before choosing a pooch to add to your family. Here are some of the top dog breeds for your young family.




If you are looking for a pup who will love to be around the kids, then a bulldog is an excellent choice. It’s a loving pet who will bring your family warmth and comfort for many years! You will fall in love with its beautiful wrinkled face! The cute dog is a docile and friendly breed who will prefer to sleep rather than to get into trouble! They love to play with the kids and are very affectionate animals. Also, they will be pleasant with visitors to your home. Ideal for busy families, the pooch only needs around 20 to 40 minutes of exercise every day. And as we discussed previously, they don’t shed as much as other dogs. Therefore, you won’t have to clean up their fur every five minutes!


Another breed which you should consider for your family is the gorgeous collie. You might have heard of the traditional border collie, whose famous alumni include Lassie! They are a gentle dog who are easily trainable, so they will love learning new tricks! Therefore, they are ideal for a young family who want a well-behaved pup. Collies will love playing with children and are a great companion for your little one. As this article reveals, they will do anything to please their owners and protect their family! You will need to ensure the collie has regular grooming to keep them looking beautiful.

Pomeranian Husky

A pomeranian husky (playfully known as a Pomskies) is a great choice for your young family. They are smaller than the traditional huskies, but still share its great personality traits. You will fall in love with it’s adorable face and beautiful coloured fur. They are very fun-loving and friendly which makes them great family dogs. Your kids can play with them for hours as they are playful and energetic. A pomeranian husky is independent, so you will have to keep patient when training them! Your family will have many happy years with this pooch.

Labrador Retriever

A labrador retriever is known as the top dog breed for families. They are very playful and loving with kids. It’s protective and reliable nature will ensure it’s careful with your little one. Also, they are very intelligent so you can train them easily. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about accidents in your home. You do need to have time to take them for walks as they require a lot of exercise. But going on a walk with your pooch is a great way for families to spend time together. Whatever color you go for, they are an attractive dog who are great around other animals.

Hopefully, your new dog will bring you so much happiness during its lifetime.



  1. We are a huge dog family and I have to say this list is great and I will share it with several friends who are looking to add a four legged furbaby to their brood!

  2. This is a great list. I plan to get a dog sometime in the future. My youngest is allergic to dogs though, so we have to be careful with which type of dog we get. She seems to be okay around some of them.

  3. Dogs can be a lot of work, but in the end can be a member of the family. It can be helpful to just go see and touch different breeds, behavior is important but so is knowing if someone is allergic.

  4. All of our dogs have been large and definitely members of our family. Now we have grand dogs. Big ones except for the newest member that is a mini. She has stolen my heart!

  5. I have seriously been considering getting a bulldog. I think they are amazing creatures.

  6. These all sound like great dogs to have. We haven’t had a dog in ages and with three cats in the house already I don’t think we will be getting one anytime soon.

  7. most of my friends have big dogs and they love them. i dont have any but i won’t mind one day.

  8. I love small dogs! I’ve always had them! I have two Yorkies now!

  9. These are great dog breeds. My friend had a Labrador Retriever and he was so sweet and smart. I would love to get a Collie. They are great at agility training.

  10. Oriana Romero says

    I have always wanted to get a Labrador Retriever. They make fantastic family pets.

  11. My friend recently adopted a bull dog. He is so friendly and perfect with the kids. I never knew that bull dogs were such a great family pet.

  12. Reesa Lewandowski says

    I have always loved the look of a bull dog! Never really wanted to have one but now just maybe.

  13. Labs have always been a favorite of mine. They just melt my heart.

  14. This is a great list. These all sound like great dogs to have. I plan to get a dog sometime in the future.
    Thanks for sharing

  15. Great list. Just love all of them. I always want to have a furry family but because my son is allergic to dog, I cannot get even one 🙁

  16. Thanks for this great post, with the very right intro – you need to choose your dog carefully! 🙂
    If you want to read more on Pomeranian Huskies, I’ve put together a really comprehensive resource:

    make sure you’ve read that before making a final decision!

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