5 Tips to Encourage Teens to Brush Their Teeth this Halloween

Some teens refuse to brush their teeth out of rebellion. Others choose not to because of a lack of interest in hygiene or the fact they never really were taught the right way to take care of their mouths.  Some are just plain lazy. Whatever the reason, it’s important to do whatever you can to encourage the practice, without sounding overly demanding.

I find even teens will be eating more sugary treats this time of year. So now is as good of time as any to refresh good oral hygiene tips with them. I know my teens love to get me to buy extra Halloween treats so they can enjoy them as well.


Here are 5 Tips to Encourage Teens to Brush Their Teeth this Halloween

Explain the Consequences

One of the first things to try is simply explaining the consequences of not brushing your teeth. Long-term it can lead to cavities, gum-related surgery and tooth loss. Believe it or not, the worst-case scenario is heart disease. Short-term effects include things like plaque build-up, bad breath and yellow teeth.

Try a Different Type of Toothpaste and/or Toothbrush

It’s possible that your teen may be experiencing some sort of sensory issue or simply doesn’t like the taste of the toothpaste you buy. Providing a different toothbrush and/or toothpaste just may do the trick. A toothpaste made for sensitive teeth is recommended. I find providing my teens with an electric toothbrush encourages them to brush more frequently. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean retails for $240 which is way below any dental visit.

Implement a Reward System

Regardless of age, the vast majority of teens love to be rewarded. So, why not make this work to your advantage? Offer some type of reward, in exchange for proper brushing twice a week. It can be anything from using the car on a Saturday night to extra video game time to something he or she just can’t live without.

Limit Sugar Intake

If your teen simply refuses to brush, limiting sugar intake will help to slow down the process of tooth decay. This might be all your child needs to encourage proper brushing. Of course, you can’t always monitor what your children eat. But, making an effort to keep track of things whenever they eat at home is half the battle.

Seek Professional Help

In some cases, lack of proper hygiene can be linked to depression. If you’ve tried everything else, to no avail, consider seeking the help of a professional. Speak with teachers or the school counselor, to find out if your child is having difficulty at school. Another option is speaking with a psychologist.

These are five suggestions, provided to help encourage teens to brush their teeth. The most important thing to remember is this. Never stand over your child and demand that they brush. Chances are, it will only make the situation worse.


Philips Sonicare DiamondClean brings sophistication to brushing.

Sonicare’s patented sonic technology drives fluid activity between teeth, disrupting plaque & bacteria where bristles can’t reach. It has been proven to remove up to 10x more plaque than a manual toothbrush, to whiten teeth in just 1 week and improve gum health in only two weeks.

Sonicare DiamondClean offers a range of five cleaning modes and each pack contains our 3 best brush heads: AdaptiveClean, DiamondClean and InterCare.

Product features include:

Convenience: An innovative glass charger is great for home use, while a portable charging case with laptop-ready USB and wall plug are convenient travel options

Cut: The DiamondClean Brush head features diamond-shaped bristles that provide more contact points with the surface of the teeth for exceptional cleaning and whiter teeth in just one week

Charge: Lasts three weeks between charges

Comfort: A light, slim, ceramic handle is now available in 4 stylish designs: black-and-chrome, white-and-chrome, pink-and-chrome and amethyst-and-chrome.

Suggested Retail Price: DiamondClean Black, White, Pink and Amethyst Editions each retail for $239.99.

Available at major retailers including: Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, London Drugs, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon and Best Buy 

If your teen is opting out of dressing up this year, why not use that money to buy them a new electric toothbrush. Investing in their oral health is always a smart decision.

Do you have any tips to add?


  1. I never understood why kids don’t want to brush their teeth! It literally takes no time at all, makes your mouth not taste yucky and for the tweens and teens who are interested in the opposite sex, well, bad breath is a major turn off. I have found that for my youngest, a great way to get him interested in brushing more is to let him pick out his own toothbrush and paste. It seems to be working so far!

  2. sarah alexis says

    Thanks for the tips! I find that spinbrushes really encourage my kids to brush more often!

  3. I also cant really understand why kids don’t want to brush their teeth – I think these fancy toothbrushes will help though! Anything stylish lol

  4. I am always on my older kids about their teeth. They have tried to run out of the house to go to school or work without brushing their teeth. It baffles me. I am always looking for something to help.

  5. I am all for anything that encourages my kids to brush more carefully and take their time. I think an advanced toothbrush like this could really help!

  6. You shared several good tips here. It is important to get out young people to develop good brushing habits that they can continue all their lives.

  7. Jennifer H says

    These are great reminders for kids. Oral healthcare is really important.

  8. Spinbrushes are so much fun that it’s not as hard to get my son to brush his teeth. It would be nice if kids could realize that when they are adults they will regret not being more careful with their teeth. 😉

  9. Our Family World says

    This is a brilliant way to encourage kids to do their hygiene.

  10. I love these tips. I’m the mom that lets her kids swim in their Halloween candy. BUT… I’m also the mom who makes sure her kids brush their teeth.

  11. I think I may want one of these for myself. These are great tips to get kids of all ages to brush their teeth.

  12. I am sure I am living in a dream world, but by the teen years I was hoping they would just naturally brush their teeth LOL! I will keep these tips in mind though as I am sure that teens are just big kids and will only do it if they are told!

  13. My toddler is obsessed with brushing her teeth so hopefully I won’t have this problem on Halloween. Every time she goes into the bathroom, she wants to brush her teeth.

  14. alalisainfo says

    This toothbrush looks really great! I don’t think my nieces have ever tried an electric toothbrush but they would really love it… it would be a nice way to get them brushing more consistently!

  15. The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean looks like a great toothbrush. We always played music when the kids brushed their teeth. They knew after two songs they were done.

  16. Lisa Bristol says

    Philips Sonicare DiamondClean would make a great gift. My kids would love it for their teeth.

  17. It is seriously the hardest thing to get my kids to do. My daughter has even had cavities, but it does not provide the motivation. Maybe a fancy new toothbrush from Sonicare would do the trick!

  18. You shared some good tips here. This is a serious and important matter because dental health has a strong relationship to other health areas.

  19. such a cool toothbrush, like Sonicare should really do the trick. My kids better brush their teeth regardless though – even if they need to use sticks from the backyard! Lol

  20. My kids know they’re suppose to brush their teeth every day. They are good about it too. I have no problem getting them to brush their teeth thankfully.

  21. I can’t really understand why kids don’t like to brush their teeth! I think these cute toothbrushes will motivate them to do that!

  22. I love Sonicare and it can fix a world of problems. Good dental care is vitally important.

  23. These are really great tips! This toothbrush looks durable and easy to use for kids!

  24. These are great tips, and oh I happen to love Sonicare! 🙂

  25. Getting my daughter to brush her teeth correctly can be a challange. I love the idea of setting up a reward system!

  26. These are really great tips. Kids do not understand the importance of oral care. But it is so very important.

  27. oh wow this is great. sometimes it can be really hard to get kiddies to brush their teeth so getting creative is great.

  28. What great tips! Dental hygiene is so important to instill at an early age. Halloween is a great time to work on it because of all of the candy.

  29. reesann723 says

    I really want this toothbrush!

  30. Electric toothbrush – this is a great and handy product. But I’m having trouble not know how my child think – brushing is be habits. it is very lazy brushing. So sad!!!!!

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