Affordable Family Fun at the Orchard

We still have a little bit of decent weather left here. Not too hot and not too cold and no snow like other areas. The kids would have been happy sitting at home playing video games and hanging out but I wanted to make the best of the day. So I suggested heading tot he orchard for some affordable family fun. Taking along three kids means the budget gets stretched and no matter when we go, somebody gets hungry. Visiting the orchard was a great option.


My boys had not been to this one yet but my youngest daughter and I had. We went last year on a school trip and once int eh summer with friends. The scenery changes and the harvest influences the decor and menu as well as store stock. So I was excited to see more pumpkin and less apples.


When we arrived it was raining, causing us to head inside. Luckily there were lots of indoor displays and a huge shopping area. We found a large pumpkin and some apple cider to buy. Then found some candy apples, fudge and fresh baked apple donuts covered in cinnamon sugar. The prices were a bit high, especially for locally grown and farm fresh, however it was fun looking around. So we grabbed these treats and headed outside.


There were so many great displays made up for the season. Pumpkin walls, pumpkin people and dancing pumpkins. There was a clown juggling and a yummy cafe. I grabbed some roasted pepper soup to go. As we headed over to the truck my daughter asked to visit the animals. This orchard like many, has a small petting farm. She even brought her own quarters to buy feed 🙂


There were donkeys, goats, sheep, chickens and bunnies all there waiting to be fed. My daughter would have spend the entire day in the animal area if I allowed it.


Event the teens enjoyed feeding the goats!

We had a good time and did not let a little rain ruin it for us. Had it not rained we could have picked our own pumpkin and saved. The playground, animal area, entertainment and displays were all free to see. There was even a train rain you could take out to the pumpkin patch for less than a dollar a person.

Over all it was pretty affordable and we had a blast. If you have not yet visited an orchard or pumpkin patch in your area, you should. Especially before the snow hits! All of our apple trees were picked but the farm store had lots to buy and we will be heading back earlier next year!



  1. What a fun day! I love going to our local pumpkin patch. I’m not sure we have an orchard though. I need to check as I would love to go to one. You can’t beat picking your own fruit!!

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