Frequent Flyers: Why Not Save Up And Take The Trip Of A Lifetime?


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Quality or quantity? If someone came up to you and posed that question, without any other information, what would you say? It’s hard to think of a situation in which most of us wouldn’t go for the latter. Food? Yes, portion sizes matter, but a big plate of bad pasta is still just bad pasta. Sleep? Sure, we all want a lie-in. But twelve hours with a wake-up every 90 minutes isn’t ideal.

If you can only have quality or quantity, then usually you’ll choose the former. Then again, there are a lot of people who, with whatever free time they get, go away on holiday. A week off for Easter? Book a few days on the Wine Trail. Family summer vacation? Two weeks in Europe, cocktails by the pool. Christmas on its way? No turkey this year, it’s carols on the beach instead!

Look, travel is fun, no-one can dispute that. We all like to get away for a break every once in a while. But if you don’t have unlimited funds then you need to consider what you’re getting for your money. Snatching a getaway when you can is nice, but there’s always a staycation. Which isn’t always as much fun, but lets you save for one blockbusting holiday. You can have too much of a good thing, especially when it’s not that good.

Sailing On The Open Seas: Why A Cruise Might Suit You


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Cruises are pretty unique among holidays, in that the ship is a major part of the experience. If you’re heading off somewhere, you don’t have the following conversation:

“We’re flying to Norway next week.”

“Oh, great! What plane are you flying on!”

No-one cares about the plane, as long as it’s safe and reliable. The flight is something to get out of the way before you can enjoy your holiday. On a cruise ship, the method of travel is also where you stay for most of the trip. The cabins are generally as well-appointed as any hotel room, and there are entertainment and shopping options.

The other thing that brings a cruise into its own is the chance to see the world from an angle most people don’t get to. Because most business and most diplomacy (including war) used to be done at sea, a lot of coastal locations are old towns. This can make them incredibly picturesque, especially when seen across a stretch of blue water.

Most countries in the world have at least some coastline, which means that providers like Bolsover Cruises go everywhere. You can see beautiful sights like the Scandinavian fjords. You can enjoy the Caribbean island paradises or the glamor and opulence of Dubai. There is a lot to enjoy about a cruise holiday – so saving to go on one can beat flying out to the usual spots.

Your Dream Destination, Wherever It May Be


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The world is full of wonders, and not just the official Seven Wonders. Which is just as well, because some of those are no longer standing. But like beauty, awe is also in the eye of the beholder. Are you the type of person who often has a scenic landscape as their desktop picture on your PC or laptop? If yes, have you ever actually been there? Because a lot of people have fantasy destinations they long to go to.

The obvious problem with fantasy goals is that they tend to be a fantasy for a reason. While a weekend in Cabo may be within your credit card limit, often a luxury fortnight in Tunisia will be more of a stretch. So is there something to be said for deciding that you can wait a little longer? Saving up the money that you would spend on your usual holiday means you can then have that dream break you always wanted.

A VIP Break Somewhere Opulent


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There are holiday destinations and then there are dream locations. In the former, you can have an excellent time, see part of the world you haven’t seen before, and bring back memories. But the latter type of location is something else altogether. Some holidays are designed to give you that VIP experience – the one that is usually only available to movie stars and glitterati.

When it comes to this kind of holiday, there are only a select few destinations that come up to the mark. The obvious one is Dubai, the playground of the rich and famous. A holiday here won’t be cheap, but it will feel more than worth it. There are various other locations now increasingly beloved of the big stars. One issue, though, is that a trip to Dubai – as opulent as it may be – does come with restrictions.

Traditional convention and religious laws mean that some things you may be free to do at home are not accepted in Dubai. If this is a concern to you, then options such as Mustique in the Caribbean are highly recommended. No less luxurious, and closer to home for a US holidaymaker.

The Opposite Of The Beach?


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If holidays that involve heat, sun and acres of bare flesh are a turn off to you – and for some of us they are – there are options. One of the best may be a trip to a ski resort. Don’t worry if you can’t ski; you won’t be bored. If you want to give it a try, there are several destinations which will allow you to get the experience in elegant style. US destinations include Aspen and Vail, but if you want something different, look towards Europe.

Two of the most exclusive ski resorts in the world, Klosters and Zürs, are separated by a national border and a couple of hours’ driving. The former is in Switzerland and much beloved of royal families worldwide. The latter, in Austria, is perhaps less the preserve of the super-rich, but it still attracts people with money to drop. It might not fit on your credit card in one go – but if you’ve been good and saved up it is an option.

It’s up to you. Maybe, back in the first paragraph, you said “quantity” and haven’t been paying attention for the rest of the article. Regardless, sometimes you deserve a special treat. If you have to save for it, it just means you’ll appreciate it more.



  1. My hubby and I have been saving up to take our boys on a Disney cruise. It costs a lot but we aren’t going on any other expensive holidays. We are putting all of our holiday money towards this.

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