New Parents: Combat Sleep Deprivation and Snooze More

It’s well known that newborn babies and well rested parents don’t mix! Sleep deprivation can be a major issue in new parents. Bringing home a newborn is such a dramatic change in your life, and when you’re sleep deprived it can make everything feel more overwhelming and reduce your ability to cope. So catching as many Z’s as possible is crucial for your wellbeing. Here are a few ways you can combat sleep deprivation and snooze more.

Sleep When They Sleep

This age-old advice is still good to follow. Sleeping while your baby is asleep is a good chance to catch up on some much-needed rest. Buying a Moses basket is a valuable investment since it can be moved around in the home. This means you can move it next to your bed or by the sofa and nap- or at least rest while they sleep. Even if it’s just for an hour at a time, it’s better than nothing at all and can allow you to feel much more functional. It’s possible to ‘catch up’ on lost sleep, so by doing this, you can keep yourself going until you can have a proper sleep. When you eventually get to sleep for a longer period, the brain will make up for deep and REM sleep.


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Take ‘Shifts’ With Your Partner

In the early days before your partner returns to work, you could take it in turns to look after the baby. This allows one of you to sleep, eat, shower and rest knowing that the baby is being properly cared for. Then when you swap over, you’ll be much happier and more alert after a good night’s rest. Rather than both of you being awake, snappy and exhausted this way makes good sense.

Ask Friends and Family For Support

A close friend or family member could watch the baby for you while you get some much-needed rest. Alternatively, they could help you with some jobs around the house such as cleaning, cooking or shopping. This means that when your baby is sleeping, you can sleep too, rather than having to tackle other things. A new baby is a huge adjustment, and friends and family will be more than happy to help you out at this time. So don’t be afraid to ask for help and rely on your network if you need them.


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Get Organised Ahead of Time

Before your baby has arrived, you could take steps to make sure things run more smoothly once they’re home. This includes things like setting your bills to be paid by direct debit, making any phone calls that need making or emails that need sending. Making sure your home is clean and tidy and cooking some meals ahead to put in the freezer. These things will free up time when your baby has arrived leaving you free to just look after them. Without other things to worry about, you will have more time to sleep when you get the chance.

Feeling tired is something that all new parents will have to deal with especially in the early days. But trying these things will allow you to not get too sleep deprived and have a smooth and happy start to parenthood.



  1. As a new mom I hated asking for help. Looking back at those first few weeks I really should of. Such a blurr!!

  2. As a new mom I had my baby with me all the time even when I slept!

  3. During the blocks of time that I was able to take parental leave my partner slept and I stayed up or snoozed with our fresh kid on my chest so that she could get some more solid recovery sleep without having to be concerned about the baby. Actually that is the thing I miss the most about not having a baby in the house anymore. I loved having my daughters fall asleep on my chest. Best feeling in the world.

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