The Pixel XL: Google’s Response To The 7 Plus

The release of the iPhone 7 Plus was a smashing success for Apple, which came to no surprise despite it being a relatively tame update. Other than the new A10 chip processor with M10 coprocessor, the 7 Plus’ software and UI were nothing to write home about. It’s here that Google sees its chance. They mean to fill a niche with its newly unveiled Pixel brand. The Pixel XL, in replace of Google’s old Nexus phones, is hoping to challenge Apple with its specs and aesthetics. Sporting a 5.5 inch high definition display, 4GB of RAM, and a 12-megapixel camera, the phone is certainly going to give the 7 Plus a run for its money.


It’s believed the Pixel and Pixel XL are based on the Nexus projects, Marlin and Sailfish respectively. Rumour has it they decided to ditch the Nexus name despite its reputation because they wanted a more distinct footprint in the mobile market, with ‘Made by Google’ being front and centre.

Like any Android, the XL isn’t a cheap and flimsy toy to toss around and replace a few months down the line. In fact, by being Nexus’ replacement, the updates go beyond its Android internals; it affects the prices too. When you shell out that much cash for something, it needs to last. You can’t let something like drops, spills, nicks, or scratches do anything to ruin its sleek, mint looks.

A Pixel XL skin made by a committed manufacturer can offer the protection a Google phone needs. It works with the Android’s best features and strengthens its worst. It will save it from cosmetic damage like scratches, scrapes, and gouges by creating an air-tight, vinyl barrier between the aluminum and the harsh world. This barrier also happens to be water-resistant, making the XL impervious to accidental spills and drops. Vinyl is also incredibly easy to grip, reducing the chances of dropping the phone and cracking its screen.

Pure vinyl on its own isn’t worthy of covering Google’s flagship, which is why designers at a manufacturer liked brand invest in stylish colors and finishes on all of their skins. Check out the huge selection of textures at, which include carbon fiber, wood, and stone, by visiting their website’s build-a-skin feature. You can pick and choose a different style for each piece of the Pixel skin, giving you the opportunity to create an entirely unique decal in which to wrap your Android.

The Pixel XL may be the first flagship to take on the ‘Made by Google’ stamp, but it’s as vulnerable as any smartphone out there, including the 7 Plus. Make sure you keep it protected by investing in a Pixel XL skin and save yourself the heartbreak of damaging the best Android of the year.


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