Something so Natural Needs to be Discussed #OwnTheThrone

It seems in my house if you want to get everyone’s attention you just head to the bathroom. Having only one washroom for five people, I am guaranteed to have a knock at the door within seconds of closing it behind me. Our next house will have at least two bathrooms, but something tells me the interruptions will continue. I think it just comes with the territory of being a mom. And, what I cannot stand is the comments. “What are you doing in there?” or “Make sure you turn on the fan!” Seriously, they think they are being funny but isn’t this supposed to be private time?

Everyone wants to talk about mom in the bathroom but nobody really wants to talk about the important details of what’s happening in there. You ask anyone if they are having ‘issues’ and they get all quiet. Why is such a natural event so hard to talk about?

My first talk with my doctor about my gut health came during pregnancy. As any mom will tell you, things just aren’t what they used to be when you are pregnant. Obviously the baby is pushing on everything and your body is going through so much. Then, just as you think everything is back to normal, the baby comes and you are often afraid to even try to go. Even though it has been a while since I’ve had babies, I am noticing there are other things causing regularity problems for me. And, I’m sure my eating habits and less active lifestyle have definitely contributed to changing my body and my bathroom routine. Being comfortable enough to discuss this with a doctor or pharmacist is very important.


I think as young children we are told talking about our bowels and bodily functions is dirty. So as we grow up we are quiet about something we really should be discussing.

With the long summer days behind us, the start of the colder weather usually means going back to regular routines and heavier foods.  And, for many Canadians it’s also a good time to start taking care of your digestive health. Make a goal this season to get back into your normal routine (and, I mean your bathroom routine) so you can start your days off on the right foot and with a happy tummy!  When our eating habits change this time of year, especially with more heavy family dinners, it doesn’t mean you have to sit out the meal because your body is not agreeing with the food.


I was sent everything I need to make this time a little easier. Having a spot filled with the right items to help me #OwnTheThrone is very important. I had heard great things about the Squatty Potty and now I have one of my own.  This doctor recommended stool is easy to use and makes everything move way easier. And, if I want to get fancy, I can read the fun origami toilet paper book!

In fact, a recent poll found that half of Canadians say that having control and predictability with their bowel movements is important to them. This may be an uncomfortable conversation to have, but not going to the bathroom is also uncomfortable. Dulcolax wants to help make discussing bathroom issues easier because the reality is one in four Canadians experience symptoms of constipation.

People are more susceptible to constipation if they don’t have enough fibre or liquid in their diets, ignore urges to have bowel movements, or are travelling. So, a few easy things you can do to help things along are to eat more fibre, drink more water, get active, avoid greasy foods, eat on a regular schedule and try a product I like to use when I’ve done all of the above and I’m still not feeling normal, Dulcolax.




Getting relief from constipation allows you to get back to enjoying your life, and focus on the things that matter most.

It is time we stop making this a taboo conversation. Stop worrying about constipation and get back to what is important-enjoying LIFE!

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Disclosure- This post has been brought to you by Dulcolax, all opinions are my own


  1. Fun Learning Life says

    With 3 kids, I can tell you that taking a bathroom break can be quite the challenge. However, it is important to set boundaries and time for yourself daily to take care of your health starting with drinking water, exercising, and getting on a consistent diet of fruits and vegetables.

  2. nmetolen75 says

    I agree with you, we really do need to have a more open dialogue about things that happen naturally within our bodies. I mean, no one wants to sit around the dinner table talking about bowel habits, of course, but if I’m having a problem, I feel like I can go to my mom for advice. I want my son to feel the same way, not hide his discomfort because it’s a “taboo” subject.

  3. My mom used to always get so mad at my sisters and I for invading her privacy while she was trying to go the bathroom. I love that you acknowledge the importance of open conversations like this [and that you have a squatty potty ; ) ]

  4. From what my Mom says–once people, especially women, hit their 70’s–this becomes a normal everyday conversation. Why we wait so long is anyone’s guess.

  5. I haven’t heard of this brand before but this is a good information to know. Agree that liquids and fibers certainly helps on the digestive system.

  6. I can understand that the bathroom related issues as I do come from a big family of 7 including my parents. Dulcolax sounds like a great brand and it is good to see they have special tablets for Women as well, though I would always love to prefer anything natural !

  7. kathy downey says

    I agree you need plenty of water not coffee/pop/juice and fiber

  8. I agree that it’s definitely important to be able to talk to your doctor about your digestive health and lots of water is always important!

  9. Working in the healthcare field, this is was always a daily topic! I know many people who have received relief from Dulcolax!

  10. It is VERY important to talk to your doctor about tummy issues! There is SO many things that could go wrong that only a DR can tell if it is something big or nothing major!

  11. There is no privacy with kids. Bathroom breaks are more like bathroom secret spy missions. LOL

  12. I have been wanting to get a Squatty Potty. I have heard so many great reviews for it. I think it is so important to talk about our digestive issues.

  13. I agree that it’s definitely important to be able to talk about your digestive health, loved your post, so many things I did not know!

  14. reesann723 says

    It really is so important to talk about this! No need to be embarrassed!

  15. I have heard great things about the Squatty Potty. Being regular is important and as women we tend to have more of an issue. Talking with your doctor about any digestive issues is a good idea.

  16. Discussions like this are so important. We tend to just keep it to ourselves when it is nothing to be embarrassed about.

  17. These discussions are so important. So much so that it’s usually the topic of dinner conversation in our home. But seriously so many people are plagued with digestive issues and they are scared to say something about it.

  18. Totally agree, this isn’t the easiest thing to talk about. But the reality is that just about any of us have (or will) experience digestive problems at some point in our lives.

  19. This is so true. It is a natural thing so we should not be bothered when discussing it with our love ones especially if we are having bowel issues. Thanks so much for your tips and suggestions.

  20. I talk about my bathroom issues with everyone, there is no shame on my game. lol. I love Dulcolax. Works great.

  21. I’m actually okay with everyone talking about their personal issues and always here to help but grew up very shy about my bathroom time. lol
    I’m raising my kids to not be like that, it’s a totally natural and important part of our body function. Love the essentials you got there, toilet paper origami?! what??

  22. Thank you for your candor and your honesty. This is not an easy topic and there seems to be a lot of shame around it and I think we need to have more frank discussions about it!

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