Welcome To Your New Home! Now Make Sure It’s Up To Standard

The day that you move into your new home is meant to be a beautiful day. As a new chapter, it brings with it a sense of a raft of new ideas and possibilities. That is until you realize you’re going to be living in someone else’s mess.

Most people who move out of their home will give it a thorough cleaning before closing the door for the last time. Most people, that is – you may find yourself stuck with the horrible owners who don’t bother. Even if that nasty fate doesn’t befall you, it’s only natural to want to start afresh.

It’s not a welcome task, but it’s one that’s got to be done if you want to feel at home. Rather than going through the general motions of cleaning, the pre-move job requires a thorough overview. Either that, or in months to come, you could have some unpleasant surprises. So grab your supplies, or call the home cleaning maids and prepare for battle. Even if you’ve called in help, there’s still work for you to do.

  1. Door Frames

The space contained within a door frame can be home to a surprising amount of lint and other unmentionables. Blast it out with a vacuum and then wipe down with a dampened cloth.

  1. Shower Screens

There are many nooks and crannies where nasties can lie

Make sure you reach into every nook and cranny; even if they look clean, they might not be. A steam cleaner is perfect for this task as it can dig out things that the naked eye might not have noticed.


  1. Plugholes

Even if water is draining quickly, a good overnight dose of sink unblocker is a good way to start at your new residence. Remember to flush through with hot water after 24 hours to get the full benefits.

  1. The Attic Or Basement

Cobwebs in an attic are unpleasant, but they have to be dealt with.

You might be tempted to designate these areas dumping grounds and not bother too much about their cleanliness. In the stress of moving, it’s tempting. However, do try and at least vacuum and wipe things down before you move your possessions in. At the very least, you will need to check for any signs of pests or creepy crawlies you’d rather not have as new neighbors.


  1. Light Switches

Light switches are the gathering point for fingerprints and can make the whole room appear dirty because of it. They take seconds to clean, so make a little time to get them as they should be.

  1. Kitchen Cupboards, Drawers And Units

If there is contact paper down, replace it and thoroughly clean every inch of the interior of all of the above. This will also give you a chance to investigate for any small holes that an intrepid mouse might want to make his way through.

  1. Extractor Fans And Vents

Extractor fans deal with a lot of dust; they will get clogged.

Out of sight is out of mind, and this is found most apparently in extractors and vents. To keep everything working as it should, give them a good blast and wipe away any resulting lint.


Now your home is ready to actually be enjoyed, with no dirty surprises to come over the subsequent month!



  1. That is like the shower we just bought to put in our bathroom. Looks good. I can’t wait to get it done.

  2. Thanks for good tips and I really highly appreciate them! Moving to a new house but you have to clean up the mess will be a nightmare. I really don’t know where to start cleaning if not reading your post!

  3. Great tips. Moving to a new house like a new episode of life and we should take care of it carefully. Thanks in advance for your helpful post.

  4. Moving a house is a time-consuming and can be quite a stressful event as it consists of many tasks. Anyway, think positively and do step by step can make everything easier. Thanks for your ideas. Those are great tips. I pinned it in case I move.

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