5 of the Best Beaches to Visit this Winter #tt #ttot

There is nothing better than planning a vacation during the winter months, so that the entire family can escape from the cold and snowy weather.  While there are many different destinations that people can choose from, a beach seems to be one of the best options that are available.  At the beach, the entire family can soak up the sun and the sand while spending time together.

5 of the Best Beaches to Visit this Winter

Here are the 5 best affordable beach vacations to take during the winter months:

  1. The Florida Keys

No one can ever go wrong with any of the beaches that are located in the Florida Keys.  On the beach in Key Largo, the whole family can see the only living coral reef that is off the mainland of the United States.  The beaches at Key West will be a little more crowded, because it is a major tourist destination.  However, Key West offers more restaurants, galleries, shops and museums than other area in the Keys.

  1. Pacific Beach

San Diego is home to Pacific Beach, which is known for its amazing surfing waves and miles of never ending sand.  Everyone will love walking along the boardwalk in between catching waves and swimming.  As an added bonus, South Mission Beach is only three and a half miles away and can be reached by renting a beach cruiser.

  1. Pete’s Beach

St. Pete’s Beach in St. Petersburg, Florida is five miles of white sand that takes people to the turquoise water of the Gulf of Mexico.  Everyone can swim or the more adventurous ones can kayak or sail out in the water.  No matter how the family is spending their time at this beach, they will want to keep an eye out for the dolphins who like to hang out here.

  1. 1,000 Steps Beach

Laguna Beach can be quite crowded during the summer months, but during the winter time there are hardly any people by the water.  1,000 Steps Beach is near 9th Street, but no one has to worry about climbing down 1,000 steps to reach the sand and the water.  There are only approximately 230 steps to go down.  Boogie boarding is a perfect activity for the waves at this beach and as the family is relaxing on the beach, everyone can look around at the views of the million dollar houses.

  1. Hanalei Bay

Hanalei Bay is a spectacular beach over in Kauai, Hawaii.  There is so much more than swimming available at this beach.  People can explore sea caves before snorkeling and there is a really good chance that a dolphin or two will swim right by.  The backdrop view of the town from the beach is filled with mountains, taro and multiple rainbows every day.

Spending time at the beach during the winter is a wonderful change of pace from other hectic and busy vacations.  Packing for the trip is easy and everyone can choose exactly what they want to do while they are at the beach.

What is your favourite beach to visit with the family?





  1. kathy downey says

    Any beach in Newfoundland is my favorite place to visit,there places sure sound nice!

  2. Victoria Ess says

    Pacific beach looks gorgeous! Thanks for the list!

  3. I dream of heading to a beach this winter!! My toes are missing the sand!! Thanks for some spots to dream about!! 🙂

  4. The beach in the Dominican was gorgeous!

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