Four Vital Things To Look For When Choosing Your New Veterinary Practice

We all know the importance of having a positive relationship with our own doctor. Your doctor has to be someone that you trust and that understands you as a person, as well as being fully clued up on your health history. Getting ill can be stressful, so having a medical professional who understands your needs can be invaluable at a time like this. With this in mind, there’s also another kind of medical professional who may be an important part of your family life: the veterinarian. Nearly all of our pets need to visit the vet at least a couple of times in their lives. As our pets are valued as a member of our family, their health care is as important as our own. So when choosing your vet practice, just what do you need to take into account?

Extra staff

Vets aren’t the only people who make up a veterinary practice. There will also be assistants, vet techs and reception staff who all play an integral role in the everyday running of the facility. Taking your animal to the vet can be stressful, so it is the duty of these people to help you feel at ease and to offer any reassurance, should you need it. The reception staff should be polite and clearly able to keep calm, even in an emergency and even when the clients are panicking. You have every right to know just who will be dealing with your pet and what it is they do. So, if you would like to meet the people who will be operating on your pet before it happens – simply for peace of mind – ask if this is possible.


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The most important thing you can look for in your vet themselves is a sheer love of animals. Watch how your vet interacts with your pet and other animals that come into the clinic. Do they go to stroke them and use a friendly tone of voice when speaking to them? Or do they ignore them and make no effort to establish a good relationship with the animal? If it’s the latter, you know to get out of there quickly. But most vets see their job as a labour of love, so you are likely to see all the signs of a true animal lover.

Services offered

Most veterinary practices have to adhere to certain standards and need to be able to offer a myriad of services ranging from basic to advanced. Your vet and their practice should both be approved by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), for a start. This association ensures that the practice has up to date equipment and facilities, as well as assessing staff and the patient care that is given. If you are looking for a new veterinary practice to join, ask if you can go for a visit first without your pet just to get a feel for the place. Most practices should let you look around, providing that there are not too many patients being treated at the time. A good practice will be proud of its facilities and will understand your need to see what is available – after all, they should know that you only want the best for your pet. However, you may need to check your pet insurance policy to see what types of health issues it covers. Some policies, for example, don’t cover pregnancy complications or behavioural issues. Other policies may not even cover the type of pet you own, so be prepared to read pet health insurance reviews to find the policy that best suits your pet.


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Hours and communication

Unlike regular hospitals, animal hospitals don’t tend to be open all hours. This is why it is vital that you ask what the communication policy is when you sign up to a new practice. If your pet needs to have a serious operation, it is fairly likely that they will need to stay in the practice overnight – if not, for a few days at least. This kind of thing is vital to their recovery, but it can be a very stressful time for both owner and animal. A lot of pets can suffer from separation anxiety during this time too, which can actually hinder their recovery. Ask your new vet if they have flexible visiting hours so you can support you pet whilst they are regaining their strength. Some practices also offer phone calls at all hours to update clients on their pet’s progress, so ask if this is something that is offered. It can provide you with peace of mind in an otherwise difficult situation.



  1. Kyle Winters says

    An overwhelming love for animals is definitely something you want to look for when choosing a vet. After all, a love that strong will show you how much dedication they have to helping keep your pet healthy. It also usually means that they will be quite friendly and helpful which are another two traits that make a good veterinarian.

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