Great Roads Trips to Take in the USA During the Winter

Don’t allow yourself to believe that a great road trip isn’t possible during the winter months. Honestly, nothing could be further from the truth. There are MANY wonderful destinations to choose from. We have driven across Canada multiple times and driven throughout the USA a few times. Many of these were in stow storms. But a warm weather drive with lots to do with the family is a possibility. Here are a few examples to get you started.

Savannah, Georgia

As long as you don’t visit Savannah in January (when some restaurants and  attractions temporarily close) its definitely a great place to explore in the winter. The weather is typically chilly at night. But, it warms up to a very pleasant visit-the-beach temperature during the day. Don’t forget to stop by The Lady and Sons Restaurant and say “hello” to Paula Deen!

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is the perfect wintertime vacation spot, especially during the holidays. You don’t want to miss the famous River Walk and Six Flags Fiesta Texas, all decked out in Christmas finery. The San Antonio Zoo is yet another festive option. Thousands of twinkling lights make a nighttime visit (among the animals) something you’ll never forget!

Key West, Florida

There’s never a bad time to hop in your vehicle and go “road trippin'” to Key West. If your family is into nature, you’ll no doubt be happy to learn that the city is home to a number of zoos and aquariums… four to be exact.

Beautiful Dry Tortugas National Park is located a short distance away. The remote 100-square mile park, which is only accessible by boat or seaplane, provides visitors with an awesome place to camp, swim, go snorkeling, visit historic Fort Jefferson and more.

Memphis, Tennessee

No road trip to Memphis is complete until you visit Graceland and Beale Street Historic District. During the turn of the century, Beale Street was the home of the blues. Graceland, of course, needs little explanation. History buffs won’t want to miss The National Civil Rights Museum, which underwent a massive overhaul in 2014.

Great Roads Trips to Take in the USA During the Winter

Hopefully, at least one or two of these cities appeal to you and get you excited enough to start packing. All of these locations are totally family-friendly and provide visitors with an almost unlimited number of things to see and do.

Is there a road trip you would add to the list?


  1. What great suggestions! I’ve been to San Antonio and Key West but not in the winter.

  2. These are all great spots! I love Memphis. It has such a great vibe about it, and the music is AH-mazing.

  3. I haven’t had a chance to see all of these places, but I’ve been to some. Savannah his one of my favorite places ever. Great picks.

  4. Catherine Sargent says

    These all sound like great places to visit. I was born and raised in Florida and I have never been to the Keys. I need to plan a trip.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful winter destinations. As someone accustomed to warmer weather, the last thing I want to do is travel somewhere with 10 inches of snow!

  6. I would love to take an Eastern Seaboard road trip and hit all the states from Mass down! Anything to explore with my family would be amazing!

  7. The Tortugas National Park would be so much fun to camp at. These are all great road trips. Key West,Florida would be my first pick.

  8. alalisainfo says

    I’ve never been to Key West, Florida but it’s definitely on my list of places to visit! I really need a vacation soon!

  9. reesann723 says

    Key West is our favorite place to visit! We honeymooned there!

  10. I’ve been to Memphis, and it was fun! San Antonio is great, too, and my friends rave about Savannah. I love DC in the winter, too, even though the temps can drop.

  11. Great places to visit! I wish we took more vacations during the winter months. Might have to start doing that.

  12. Oh my goodness! I absolutely love road trips. Key West is on the top of my bucket list. I’m adding some of your other suggestions too. Thanks!

  13. I’ve never been to Key West, Florida but it’s definitely on my list of places to visit! I really need to travel there! so beautiful!!

  14. San Antonio would be lots of fun! I know quite a few people who go to Phoenix every winter!

  15. These are all great places to visit. I love going to Key West in Florida.

  16. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    We did a few of these trips in winter and it was so nice to see green grass again. The Keys are breathtaking I’d have liked to have spent more time there. The worst thing was driving home – there was no weather at all above the border apparently 🙂

  17. kristen visser says

    I can’t add any ideas because I dont really road trip any where but love all these ideas for future adventures

  18. kathy downey says

    I’m adding some of your other suggestions to my list,thanks for sharing

  19. julielaura1 says

    I haven’t been to any of them yet but hopefully will one day get to them!

  20. I haven’t been to any of those places, but they sounds like a lot of fun!

  21. I’ve always wanted to drive to South Carolina. One day it will happen!

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