What to Look Out for When Buying Your Baby Products

Nothing is more amazing than the day you bring your newborn baby home for the first time. The excitement and nervousness combine into a poetic symphony that can easily be described as parenthood. Unfortunately, this poetic symphony can become expensive, which leaves many parents looking for discounted baby products and supplies. Just remember, cheaper doesn’t mean better. The less products you can expose your baby too, the better. If you are going to use anything, make sure you are using natural baby care products, as they are void of any harmful chemicals.

Avoid Fragranced Products

Products that contain fragrances should be avoided at all costs. Only use natural baby care products that specifically list what ingredients are used to create the scent, if it has one. When shopping around for make sure to look for natural baby body wash. Most parents want to make sure it smells nice. Unfortunately, products that contain fragrances, like most body washes, can cause skin rashes. They can also cause neurological problems, respiratory issues and eye damage, if you’re not careful. Manufacturers do not need to share the ingredients they use to make the fragrance, so you really don’t know what you are putting on your baby’s skin.

Many disposable diapers also contain some sort of fragrance. Have you ever noticed that powdery smell when you open that new package of diapers? That is an indicator of fragrances being used on the diapers themselves. Your baby will sit in this diaper for a prolonged period of time, soaking up all of the chemicals from the fragrance. This ultimately results in skin irritation, more commonly referred to as diaper rash. However, before you reach for your baby diaper rash ointment, make sure that it is fragrance free and contains zero mineral oil. Yes, mineral oil acts as a protective barrier to keep irritants from reaching the skin. The side effect is, nothing can escape either. That means all the toxins your baby’s skin is struggle to expel are being trapped against their skin.

The best thing any parent can do to protect their child is to use all natural baby care products. If you’re not sure which chemicals to be on the lookout for, the best thing you can do is purchase products from a reputable manufacture, like Baby Mantra. These companies focus on providing the most natural, effect and safe products for your baby. This way you can worry less about what you’re putting on your baby’s skin, and spend more time snuggling the day away.






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