Which Is Safer? Traditional Or Modern Home Security Equipment?

All this kind of equipment has the same dual purpose; to protect your lovely home from inner and outer worries and to make you how you should feel; safe and secure in a place that you trust.

Traditional home security items like burglar alarms, smoke alarms and key locks have been around for years and continue to do a great purpose for the overall community. However as time goes by and people start to get more street worthy, they have sporadically been replaced with different ways of security that match more with our modern times like CCTV remote viewing systems and smart door locks. Likewise, newer home sensors also have a futuristic feel about it as now instead of an alarm, a quick email or a text is sent to you if there are signs of an unwanted intrusion. As well as this, you can now rectify your clumsy errors if you are out and about and haven’t locked a window for example by hooking up to a complete home automation system and accessing the controls through your smartphone or Ipad.


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By looking inside a whole host of reputable shops and through security specific websites like vivint security, there are lots of avenues to go down and choose from. But the question is what age of equipment do we go for? Yes, newer equipment generally works better but a lot of us haven’t been robbed so why change a good thing? And why pay an arm and a leg for something that in the end does the same job as a traditional security feature would?

There are lots of advantages and disadvantages regarding more traditional security features. Not only are they cheaper and easier to find in general stores but they are also simpler to use; an aspect that could also be strued as a disadvantage. These types of features are also tried and tested having been used over several years and are generally regarded as successes however are door locks really that secure? Are burglar and fire alarms too easy to go off? Why are fire extinguishers so complicated to use? All these queries need to be taken into account when buying stuff for your new house.

More modern features are harder to come by and generally people know less about their existence however they have had positive reviews and are getting more and more publicity each day. Although drastically more expensive than traditional features, what price is there to pay when your life and that of your loved ones is in danger?. As well as this, with regards to usage, they are widely less trusted and ultimately more haphazard and prone to breaking, but they have moved on with the times and have responded to newer technology with unique electrical systems. However can you see a 75 year old frail woman hooking up all the sensors and controlling her garage with a smart door system? It is definitely a more modern thing and we have to respect that.


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The great thing about modern life is the amount of technology on offer. As well as all the smart stuff, there are carbon monoxide alarms that go that extra mile in keeping you safe indoors as well as glass break detectors warning you instantly of wrongful outside activity. As well as this and adding to the statement that we’ve never been so protective of our house is the fact that we can now fix video cameras indoors as well as outdoors. Yes this helps security but the fact remains whether this is a breach of our human rights or not? And would you go round to a house with all these cameras in? Surely you’d feel slightly awkward wouldn’t you? Or have we just been slacking off with security in the past? Whatever you think, you have to stand up and take a bow at the range of home security on offer nowadays.

Whether you’re a traditionalist or a fan of all the modern day technology we have at our fingertips now, you have to have a good old think of what is best for you and your family when you buy a house and start thinking of tightening up methods to keep you safe. This is your livelihood and you don’t want to just look cool and hip, it is essential that you need to feel at home in a house that you can feel comfortable in and that you can trust with your life.

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