Take the Stress Out of Your Move with This Guide!


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I’m not going to tell you that you can eliminate all the stress from your house move. Because you totally can’t. (If you’ve found a way then please do write in and let everyone else know how you did it.)

Moving to a new home is exciting, but the actual move itself is rarely fun. To be honest, though, it’s because most of us go about it wrong. We stress ourselves out because we make loads of mistakes in the process. So here are four key ways in which to alleviate the stress of moving home!



Don’t put it off

When you know you’re going to move, you usually have quite a lot of time before you have to skedaddle. At least, that’s what you like to think.

What tends to happen is that time flies by really quickly. All of a sudden, you’ve only got a couple of weeks left and you’ve barely done anything to get ready for the move! Don’t be tempted to put the moving tasks off until the last minute. You don’t want to do it because it’s going to be stressful and time-consuming. Well, if you leave it for long enough, it will only get even more stressful and time-consuming! Be smart and get started early.


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Get a plan in place

Don’t be tempted to launch into this task without some sort of plan. (That advice goes for pretty much every endeavor, by the way!) Keep everything organized.

Write a comprehensive list of all the tasks you need to complete. Figure out how much time you’re going to need to sort all of this out. Again, you should have left yourself more than enough time to do this without rushing! If you can find the time to complete the process across a period of eight weeks, that might work out best.



Send for help!

You need to be careful when it comes to how you go about the move itself. Once you’ve got everything packed up, you should create a list of everything you’re moving. The number of boxes, furniture, big electronic items, etc.!

You’ll probably soon realize that moving all of this yourself is going to be incredibly difficult. You could get the help of some friends, although it might be better if you just shop around for some decent moving companies. Your friends probably won’t get it done as fast, and they probably don’t have an offensively large truck in which to fit everything! Besides, friends hate helping each other move. Trust me.

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