The Trendiest Pancake Cakes for Awesome Instagram Pics

When it comes to simple and fast solutions for cakes I always opt for pancake cakes. They are inevitable as birthday and holiday breakfasts in our home. Any pancake recipe can work for your cake. I usually draw my recipe inspiration from here.

These pancake cakes worked for me when I hosted the gender reveal party when I was pregnant with my daughter and for her first birthday smash cake photoshoot. I know these two types of cakes are popular, but I had no idea HOW popular. Google categorized them as “seasonal risers, i.e. seasonal trends that are likely to come back even stronger” for 2016, based on popular searches. How very trendy of me!


Gender Reveal Pancake Cake

Gender reveal cakes were an absolute hit this year and everyone who has Facebook and Instagram knows that. I am sure pictures of gender reveal parties and cakes flooded your walls and you are probably sick of them. Yeah, me too. But despite being fed up with other people’s cakes, I was thrilled with the idea to make my own.

Find a pancake recipe that you like and make double or triple dosage, depending on how many people you are hosting. The cake should be sufficiently big. Cut circles out of the center of each pancake, except for two that will go on bottom and top respectively. Stack the pancakes on top of each other using frosting as glue.

Fill the “hole” in the middle with pink M&M’s for a girl and blue for a boy. Close with the top uncut pancake and cover the whole cake in frosting. The frosting is made with whipped cream, sour cream, confectioner’s sugar and vanilla extract. Sprinkle with a mix of blue and pink sprinkles.


Smash Pancake Cake

Giving a one-year-old a cake to play with results in awesome pics. You can hire a professional photographer or simply use your phone for the photoshoot. Just remember, secure the area where the photoshoot is taking place, because it is going to be absolutely messy. Your baby, however, will be absolutely happy. You too. It is worth the mess.

Follow the procedure I described for gender reveal cake, only this time you don’t need to cut circles in the center of the pancakes. Don’t forget to cover richly in frosting. The more frosting, the messier the baby, the better the pics.


Bundt Pancake Cake

Bundt cakes are yet another trend on Google’s Food Trend list, named “sustained risers, i.e. foods that show steady growth over the past years and are a safe bet.” I love these cakes because they always look like you’ve put a lot of effort in them and are in fact very simple.

Bundt cake are baked in a Bundt pan, which gives the cake a circular shape. They are not associated with any particular recipe, so you can turn any kind of pancake batter from classic, healthy, nutty, chocolatey, into a Bundt cake. I like choosing decadent chocolatey recipes for this purpose, adding cocoa powder and a cup of chocolate chips to the batter. Then I cover the whole cake in chocolate glaze. Caramel variations and chocolate-peanut butter combinations are also amongst my favorite. So, sue me! J

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