5 Must see Shows when Visiting Vegas for the First Time

A visit to Las Vegas could be a fascinating one. For many it is a dream destination that we all add to our bucket list. No matter where you turn, you are provided with a variety of activities to take part in. There is no doubt you would definitely love the atmosphere that you would experience while there. While there you will be able to visit a large number of shows as well. In fact, a journey to Las Vegas is never a complete one without visiting one of the amazing shows that call the area home. Here is a list of 5 must see shows that you should enjoy during your stay at Las Vegas.

  1. Cirque du Soleil

If you want to get a unique experience by watching a show, you need to go to Cirque du Soleil. In this show, most of the performances take place on a water stage. As a result, the audience will be provided with an aquatic experience. Awe-inspiring stunts and high flying acrobats that are offered from this show are impressive and you can get lucky enough to enjoy a magical close-up feel.

  1. Celine Dion at Caesars Palace

If you are a fan of Celine Dion, you will be able to see her performing live at Caesars Play. Celine carries the entire show by herself and you would love to see her energy and voice on the stage. During this show, Celine also plays few songs of other popular artists as well. A wow factor is added to this performance through hologram. In addition, you will also be able to experience stunning video display and light acts.

  1. Absinthe at Caesars Palace

This is another wonderful show that you can experience at Caesars Place. Absinthe is the name of a popular drink and this show is also based on it. When you take part in it, you will be able to experience racy, naughty and over the top performance by few of the most talented artists around Las Vegas. However, it is important to keep in mind that this is an adults only, circus style show that offers outrageous comedy.

  1. Terry Fator at the Mirage

Terry Fator can be considered as the best illusionist that you can find in Las Vegas. The barely moving lips make him a fascinating impressionist as well. Therefore, you should attend one of his shows while you are spending your time at Las Vegas. He has the ability to amaze the entire audience with his voice and trucks. Terry Fator is also one of the best puppeteers out there and you would love to take part in one of his shows.

  1. Mat Franco at The LINQ

A tour to Las Vegas would not be a complete one without visiting to see few of the fascinating magic tricks of Mat Franco. He became world famous through season 9 of America’s Got Talent. His magic tricks are impressive and they have the ability to blow your mind. Therefore, you must get that experience while you are at Las Vegas.

Must see shows when visiting Vegas for the first time

These are just a small handful of the amazing life changing shows you will have the opportunity to experience while in Vegas. Which one do you think you would like to see most?

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