Educational Fun for kids from Kids Academy (Giveaway)

Often I hear parents talking about their children and their use of technology. I personally think there are many positive aspects when it comes to tech use and kids. Our iPad was the best investment we made many years ago for our youngest. During road trips and long Dr waits, she can play along with her favourite app or watch a video while she waits. No more whining or complaining or complaining about being bored.

Finding educational apps we can load to the iPad are a must! Knowing that what she is playing with and viewing is geared to her age and ability is important. Keeping her interested and me stress free is also a benefit.


Introducing Kids Academy 

Kid’s Academy is a team of like-minded people who have come together to create educational apps for children. As parents, we understand how important it is for our kids to develop and have fun at the same time. For this reason, their educational apps involve children into game-like activities.

Their main focus is on quality, be it the methodology behind the apps or the app graphics. They make their apps with love. Love towards their own children and towards what they do helps them make these apps for other families. Download on iTunes today.

If you like apps for your children like I do, you will want to get these educational apps for kids.


Fun with Learning

Lately my youngest has been into work sheets and doing ‘home work’ Her teacher never sends any home so she is always asking me to find things we can download or print off. Kids Academy has free preschool and kindergarten worksheets that are great for math, reading and writing.

These worksheets are great if you have an eager child who can not wait to start school. Or a child in kindergarten who wants a little extra practice. When learning is fun, children tend to enjoy it and want to do it more often.


Their printable alphabet worksheets will help your kids learn writing letters with fun. They have colorful design and bright pictures to engage your little ones and keep up their interest in handwriting in the long run.

When parents provide continuous support and encouragement to their kids, they tend to get discouraged less. The more children practice, the easier it is for them to learn.

At Kids Academy, you’ll find a great array of worksheets with enjoyable activities. Play fun ABC games, practice cursive letters or do some phonics exercises – all in an engaging and child-friendly manner! My daughter has a great love for cursive and will practice writing all the letters and everyone’s name over and over. Often her printing and writing skills look better than my teens!

Are you a homeschooler looking for fun printables for your children? Maybe a parent looking to help their child excel at school with some at home learning. If so, you will definitely want to check out Kids Academy and start them on the right track.


3 lucky readers are going to win a promo code valued at $50 each so they can have their children experience Kids Academy apps for themselves. Fill out the form below for your chance. Good luck!



  1. I would love to win this because this app sounds like it makes learning fun. It’s easier to get my son to learn these skills when it’s game based.

  2. My granddaughter is an avid reader and I would like to win this for her.

  3. Elva Roberts says

    I have a little great grandson in Kintergarten and I know he would love one of these Apps.

  4. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    I’d love this for my grandson who’s advanced for his age and needs stimulus and this would be ideal for him. 🙂

  5. Jennifer P. says

    I would love to win this because I think my preschooler would really benefit from it.

  6. Erin McSweeney says

    i have a niece who is having a bit of a hard time with her reading…this would be great for her

  7. I would like to give this to my sister to help teach my niece getting a head start on learning is a good thing.

  8. nicole aben says

    My oldest is just starting his reading journey so I would love to win to help support him.

  9. I would love to win this for my boys. It would be great for them!

  10. This is great for kids to read!

  11. Caryn Coates says

    I would love to win because I think it would be great for my 4 little ones

  12. Sabrina Tong says

    I saw that they have Singapore math and I think my daughter could benefit from that

  13. Kids Dentist Helper Shivaun says

    My daughter loves writing and drawing, I’m sure she’ll love these alphabet worksheets from Kids Academy. 🙂

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