My First Pet: Help Your Kids Take Care Of Their Pet

‘Mummy, can I have a dog please?’ This is a much dreaded question for many parents as it generally means that they will have an additional responsibility. Indeed, many kids are not prepared for the arrival of an animal in their home, and find themselves so overwhelmed by the task that they never take care of it! Don’t panic if your kid wants a dog or a cat, or any other pet. You can help them understand what needs to be done and how to do it, so that they can fully enjoy the company of their new friend and learn some basic rules of how to become a responsible person.

Help Them Choose A Room For Their Pet

When you have a pet, it is important to provide your furry friend with a space that will be their bedroom. It doesn’t matter whether this is a dog bed with some toys at the back of the sofa, or whether your kid decides to create a special space in their own room for their new friend. What matters is that you and your child agree that this will be the pet’s room and will not be used for anything else.


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They Have To Take Care Of Their Pet’s Mess

Having an animal in the house is a wonderful experience. But it is also a rather messy one as untrained dogs (and cats) can leave a path of destruction in their path. Shoes, bags, chairs, packs of biscuits, nothing is left untouched! If you leave your dog inside all day, it is not uncommon at the start when they are still young to still find small puddles on the floor. Explain to your child that the best they can do is to help you clean the mess. Cleaning can be fun and it is a good way of showing them a new side of their role as a pet owner. It’s not all fun and games!

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Help Them Understand Their Pet’s Needs

The first thing your kid will notice above their beloved furry friend is that a pet does not eat at the table like a member of the family. Also, a pet will be likely to have a different feeding time that your child. These simple things can make a big difference if your kid understands from the start that a pet is not a little sibling. Some human food will be deadly to your kid’s friend, such as chocolate for dogs, for example. Dogs have dietary needs that vary from a breed to another, so this is something you will need to help your kid research, you can click here for a few bites of information on the subject already!

Remember as well to introduce your kid to your local vet as you are moving through the steps of pet adoption. The veterinary nurse will surely be aware of a lot of mistakes made by first-time owners and will be able to tell you more about the pet you want.


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  1. I do think that having a child be involved with the family pet is important. Particularly so if they wanted it, they should be involved with the care.

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