JENGA: Disney FROZEN Edition Game

JENGA: Disney FROZEN Edition Game

Growing up my sister and I enjoyed playing Jenga against each other. We always had some sort of friendly sibling competition going on , if there was a chance we could sabotage the other, the better. Jenga was perfect for this and helped us spend many hours together laughing, and even arguing, but making memories over the years.

Now this great game is available from Hasbro in a fun new theme, JENGA: Disney FROZEN Edition Game. We actually watched Frozen over the weekend and enjoyed every minute of it like it was the first time.

(Ages 6 years & up/ Players: 1+  Approx. Retail Price: $19.99)

The classic game of JENGA has a magical Disney FROZEN twist! Help Elsa build her ice palace by harvesting ice blocks. Roll the die and tap out the colored ice blocks with the snowflake wand. Stack the ice blocks to build up the palace, but make sure it doesn’t topple over. Finish stacking the ice blocks 10 high and place Elsa on top of her palace to win! The JENGA: Disney FROZEN Edition Game includes one palace frame, 23 ice blocks, palace balcony, snowflake wand, one die, and Elsa figure. Available at major retailers nationwide and

This game will make a great gift for anyone on your list that loves Frozen, loves Disney and loves to play games. Best of all they can play on their own or with a friend. I look forward to more friendly family competitions this coming year with this fun game!

Do you have a Frozen fan that would like this under the tree?


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