Must see Broadway shows when in New York

When I think of my bucket list I think of once in a life time attractions and events. Destinations most people only dream of. On my bucket list is a Broadway show in New York.  Maybe this will be the year! A large number of shows are being played on Broadway at any given time. While you are in New York, you couldn’t possibly see them all. We compiled a list of shows that you must see while you are in New York to help you experience as much of Broadway as possible. Be sure to book your Broadway Show Tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.

1. Blackbird

Jeff Daniels and Michelle Williams return back to the New York stage with Blackbird. This is an award winning drams, which was compiled by David Harrower. Blackbird follows the story of Una and Ray who last saw each other 15 years earlier, when Ray was taken into custody for their illegal affair. Now, she’s found him and the two engage in a long and difficult confrontation. See how it all unfolds in this must see drama. You would definitely love to enjoy Blackbird at Broadway with the amazing atmosphere.

2. Aladdin

Travel to the desert city of Agrabah, where the kind-hearted Aladdin makes due as a street rat in the city marketplace where he strikes up a friendship with the alluring Jasmine, the Sultan’s daughter. Aladdin, which is one of the most popular screen to stage adaptions of Disney, can also be enjoyed on Broadway. It was initially released back in 2014 and became extremely popular among people in all parts of the world. Most of the original cast members, including Monroe Iglehart, Courtney Reed and Adam Jacobs still perform in this show. This is something unique about Aladdin because in many other shows, the cast members tend to leave after a period of about one year.

3. Wicked

Even though Wicked was released over a decade back, it is still one of the most popular shows on Broadway. It has been an all-time crowd pleaser as well. This beloved American musical delves into the backstory of two witches, Glinda the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch of the West. Wicked is about the story of the witches who lived in Oz before Dorothy arrived. It has been identified that teenagers who belong to the next generation tend to visit Broadway in order to enjoy Wicked.

4. Long Day’s Journey Into Night

Long Day’s Journey Into Night is one of the best works by O’Neill. This Pulitzer Prize winning show takes place throughout the entire day and you will be able to spend it with the Tyrone family. The story-line of Long Day’s Journey Into Night rotates around diseases, addictions and appointment. The cast of this show consists of an amazing bunch of individuals and some of them have even been nominated for the Oscar award.

5. Hamilton

Hamilton definitely is there on our list of must-see shows. If you do have not seen it, you should think of enjoying it at the Broadway. Hamilton has being played on Broadway since 2015 and it is one of the most demanded shows. This is one of the best tales of Alexander Hamilton, which rotates around his scandals and triumphs. The cast of characters that you can see in Hamilton include King George III, George Washington and Aaron Burr.

These are some of the shows that you must go and visit at Broadway while you are at New York. You would definitely enjoy these shows and you would never regret about your decision to watch them. So grab your ticket and hurry up to have an unforgettable time in your life.

Must see Broadway shows when in New York


  1. Live shows are pretty good, it would be awesome to go to New York to see a show!

  2. I’ve always wanted to see a show on Broadway! Wicked sounds awesome.

  3. I love visiting NYC, and I love to take in a show when I’m there. Wicked and Aladdin are two of my favorites!

  4. Great list! I hear SO much about Hamilton! And I definitely want to see Aladdin!

  5. I love your choice of performances! Wicked is high on my personal list, as is Hamilton.

  6. I have only been to NYC once and it was a whirlwind tour with no shows. Next time will definitely take in a show. I have heard that Wicked is really good!

  7. I still have not seen Wicked. I need to get with the program and finally get some tickets!

  8. I love musicals and I have ALWAYS wanted to see shows on Broadway and I need to see all of these!

  9. I would love to see Aladdin and I’ve heard some amazing things about Hamilton. Would love to check it out too!

  10. Hamilton is on my list for sure! I got the chance to see Wicked in Omaha for the traveling Broadway Show. I know, not the same, but it was still awesome!

  11. What a list! I have seen a few here in Florida years ago but would love to catch one in New York!

  12. Can you believe that I have never been to a broadway show before!? I hope to go to one soon so thanks for sharing this list of suggestions.

  13. One day when I get a chance, I would love to go see a Broadways Show! As a Jeff Daniels fan, I would see Blackbird.

  14. I love Broadway shows. On this list I’ve seen Wicked and it was great.

  15. I have always wanted to go and see Wicked live! There are a lot of great shows on your list.

  16. I’m scheduled to go to NY in the summer and possibly the spring for work. My dream is to bring Little Mama who is obsessed with Jasmine and the Genie to see Aladdin. It would be incredible for the whole family! Thanks for reminding me to get on that!!

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