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Life gets tough and trial and error seem to be part of our daily life. So many people are working to just make ends meet and not have much extra leftover. It is easy to get frustrated and feel like we are alone in this world. We see all of these great things our friends and neighbours are doing and all of their awesome possessions, we easily get down and sometimes are hard on ourselves. In reality everyone has challenges and often we all face struggles. Many of us are working hard to just break even.

Often we search for answers to day to day issues like this online. How to invest and save money, tips on budgeting and how to improve our credit. Usually these searches come up with lots of results but nothing that really fits our lives. Nothing that is local and can be easily implemented into our daily lives. So when you find something that seems to be talking directly to you, you make sure to bookmark it and read it often.


Introducing Good Money Blog by Vancity

Known by many millennials as a trusted advisor for anything related to affordability, financial literacy, and money matters. This blog is a great resource within the Metro Vancouver, Squamish, the Fraser Valley, Alert Bay and Victoria area.

Vancity is a values-based financial co-operative serving the needs of its more than 519,000 member-owners and their communities in the Coast Salish and Kwakwaka’wakw territories, with 59 branches in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, Victoria, Squamish and Alert Bay.

As part of its mission to service the needs of its member communities, Vancity manages a highly informative, resource-rich blog about West Coast living, where it aims to provide tips on everything from saving money, to finding the best downtown Vancouver eateries.

With so much information online floating around, it is nice to have a trusted source written by Canadians for Canadians. If you are on the west coast you will want to check out Good Money Blog by Vancity. As side from realistic financial tips you will also find recipes, tips and great stories about the area that will help you with your life and managing your home and fiances.

Next time you are in need of local information, financial advice or even Urban bee keeping, be sure to check out Good Money Blog by Vancity. You will be happy you did.

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