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Ask anyone who travels if they have a luggage nightmare story and you will hear an ear full. I think we all have experienced a let down when it comes to traveling and having our luggage lost, damaged or other headaches. This time of year as many are flying around to visit loved ones, the airports are crowded and chances of delays are greater.  When I was a young teen my dad had some time off before Christmas. We planned a last minute family trip top Hawaii for the four of us. I remember my parents being very stressed from the moment we left the house until a week into our trip. It seems we had non-stop issues from money being misplaced to luggage being rerouted and a huge layover in between.

Imagine flying from wintry cold Canada to warm tropical Hawaii with only a few items. Our luggage was rerouted and arrived three days after we did. We had to start our vacation with a quick shopping trip to pick up clothes that were more temperature appropriate. To top things off my mom had misplaced a large amount of money we were to have while vacationing. So the budget was already stretched. Turns out it was left on the dresser back home, but it did cause headaches at the time.

luggage cart

When our luggage finally arrived we received a phone call and it was delivered to our hotel room. From then on we always only traveled with carry-on. Carry-on is great, however it really limits the amount you can take as well as what you can travel with.

Fast forward to last year when my husband was traveling across the country. We did our research and packed his bags to the required weight restrictions and were sure to exclude anything that he could not carry on a plane. He arrived to the airport in what we thought was plenty of time, to find out he had to run his luggage to the other side of the airport. Turns out since he had some items for work, he had to drop off his bags with the oversize luggage. This area had many delays and he was very fortunate the plane waited for him.

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Even if everything goes well, waiting around the airport for your luggage, in a large crowd while tired from a long flight is not ideal.

If only there was another option to help save time and ensure our luggage arrives with no delay.

Introducing Luggage Free

No matter where your destination is or what your adventure will be, Luggage Free will ship your suitcases, bikes, skis, golf clubs and more to your destination.

Luggage Free is a specialty service offering you the option to send luggage ahead to nearly any destination, worldwide, to avoid the inconvenience of carrying, checking and claiming bags – even going through customs. On-time delivery is guaranteed, allowing you the ability to avoid unnecessary aggravation, save time, and protect your possessions – simply and in style.

With door-to-door services throughout the United States and 120 countries, Luggage Free picks up your bags at your home or office, ships them to your destination, and at the end of the stay sends them back.

All luggage is wrapped and protected as well as insured to help you have a worry free vacation.  Once you use this service you will love the reliability of using a professional service to ship luggage. The convenience allows you to save time and concentrate on what is important. Before you leave, someone arrives at your door to take the excess baggage from you. It’s safely packed in plastic and shipped to your preferred location, so it’s there waiting for you. Sports equipment will need its own special containers for baggage delivery, which can be provided by your baggage delivery service. They even ship to cruise ships!


Being able to jump into your holiday with two feet from the start is a relief. Having your clothes and belongings where and when you need them hassle free will allow you to relax from the start.

When you plan your getaway you make sure you have have everything in order. You find the perfect hotel, the greatest attractions, The best beaches, pools and even ski hills if you prefer the snow. Everything that makes your dream vacation perfect is carefully planned out. Don’t have it ruined by delays with your luggage.  Contact Luggage free when you plan your next trip and travel with ease and confidence.

This time of year as people are traveling to visit family and often with have extra bags/gifts you will be happy to have the guarantee. There is still time to book a pick up before you travel to see loved ones for the holidays. Call now and speak to a live person to avoid disappointment. 

Prices vary on delivery speed and items/weight of delivery

Save when you book your next Luggage Free pick up. The code GINGER25 saves you $25


  1. WOW! I just bookmarked this! I travel a lot and this would really help! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. That is an AWESOME idea! I’d much rather do this than hope my luggage makes it through the flight!

  3. I love this! I had luggage delay lots travelling back and forth from Alberta to Quebec.

  4. This is an amazing service. I should use it and maybe I’ll stop having that reoccurring dream where I am packing for a flight that is leaving soon and I’m never going to get everything in the suitcases and to the airport on time.

  5. Luggage Free sounds amazing! I’ve never personally had any issues with my own luggage, but other people I’ve traveled with have gone days without their belongings.

  6. That’s awesome to hear! I don’t do a lot of traveling though, but this is nice for those that do. Free shipping for luggage is a great deal!

  7. Claudia Krusch says

    Luggage Free sounds like a great way to reduce stress when you travel. I will definitely give this a try. The last time I flew my luggage was delayed two days.

  8. Thanks for the great coupon code. I am looking forward to giving Luggage Free a try for my next trip. It will be nice to not worry about my bags.

  9. WHAT no way! I am saving this!!!

  10. Um wow! I’m so doing this! We’re going away in February and there is a ton of luggage we have!

  11. Amazing travel advice! I had no idea something like this existed. Definitely looking into using that code.

  12. Luggage Free sounds like just the service I need. I’m going on vacation in the new year and will have to check this out.

  13. What a fantastic service! My friend just had the worst luggage nightmare. Will definitely check it out!

  14. No way! Such a cool idea! Sounds like the perfect way to make traveling a lot easier.

  15. This sounds AMAZING! Lugging around suitcases is one of the few things I hate about traveling so I am definitely going to look into this for our next trip.

  16. This is a really amazing service! Would love to try this very soon!

  17. This is really cool. We travel enough that we would really be able to use this service.

  18. Sarah Bailey says

    Suitcases and luggage can be such a pain. This looks like it would be so much easier.

  19. This is such a brilliant idea! My least favorite thing is toting our luggage when traveling!

  20. I used Luggage Free when traveling internationally this past summer. We had overpacked for our Italian vacation, and didn’t want to continue lugging extremely heavy and large suitcase through train stations all over Italy. I had never used a luggage shipping company and was a bit resigned to never seeing the bag again when it was picked up in Venice, Italy, by Luggage Free. I was absolutely stunned to discover our bag made it home a week before we did! It had cleared customs with no issues. If we ever have to check bags again, Luggage Free will be the only way we travel.

  21. This is such a great idea! I had things stolen out of my checked luggage before so this service would solve that problem.

  22. I hadn’t heard of this and the information is useful. I have tucked the name and link away for future reference.

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