Solve Holiday Overspending With A Cash Advance

The holiday season can be a challenging time for low income families in America. It’s a time when, for better or for worse, we all tend to loosen our budgeting belts in order to splurge on the festivities. Getting a little jolly can come at no consequence as long as we take care of all of our regular responsibilities like rent and utilities first. But what happens when an unexpected bill, repair, or medical emergency happens in the middle of the holidays? If you’ve already spent your extra cash on gifts and travel, then you could be struggling to cover your newfound obligations. It could turn what should be the most wonderful time of the year into the worst.


Spending more and working less are par for the course during the holidays, both of which can set you up for failure this season. When you’ve already spent your extra cash on decking the halls and making merry, there’s no way you can cover the unanticipated and unavoidable furnace repairs and car checkups that threaten to dampen your holiday spirit. With fewer working days on your paycheck, you might not have enough money until the next time you get paid. If you’ve made a list, checked it twice, and still found yourself just a little bit short this holiday season, don’t panic! A payday loan direct lender like MoneyKey can offer the perfect stopgap until your next paycheck.

Cash flow problems can happen at any time of the year, but we’re especially susceptible to these financial hiccoughs during the holidays. Luckily, direct lenders like MoneyKey can provide critical financial support at any time of the year. They’re designed with these small cash shortages in mind. Typically, they don’t exceed $1,000 and their full repayments are due by the date of your next payday. These parameters, combined with their associated fees and interest, make them an ideal solution for non-recurring, surprise expenses. Despite their value covering short term goals, they should not ever be confused with long term financial support. For help managing existing debt or planning for your retirement, you should speak with a dedicated financial advisor.

A couple hundred dollars to cover your furnace repair until you get paid, on the other hand, is exactly the scenario a small dollar loan can help with. In fact, they do just that for over 15 million Americans every year. Join the growing number of individuals using cash advances should you face unexpected expenses after you’ve splurged on the holidays. It’s the easiest way to turn your blue Christmas into one that’s merry and bright.

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