Teaching Your Children to Ride a Bike

If you want your children to get plenty of exercise, and enjoy staying fit, teaching them to ride a bike is a good idea. It is a physical activity that they can enjoy all of their lives.

Push along bikes give toddlers the chance to pedal through the park on family walks, with the option for an adult to push them when they get tired, or there is an incline. Once they graduate to two wheels, they can continue to ride well into their 80s, or 90s. In fact, if they are fit enough they can still be riding in their hundreds. This article about a 104-year-old cyclist is inspiring. It certainly demonstrates how much staying active can benefit your health.

Start early

As with many skills the earlier you start to teach them the easier, it is for your child to learn. The same is true of cycling.

Getting your child used to being on a bike as a baby is a great way idea. Using a baby sling or carrier gives you the option of taking your baby with you on short trips. Whether you think doing this is safe is very much a personal decision, but many parents do it.

Once your child becomes a toddler, buy them a push along bike. These little trikes get kids used to the idea of powering a bike themselves, and help them to build up their pedalling muscles.

Taking the stabilisers off

As soon as they are big enough, buy them a small bike that is fitted with stabilisers. This will take them to the next stage. Once they can steer reliably and demonstrate that they know when to stop, you can consider removing the side wheels.

Do not rush this stage. If your child is reluctant to take them off, do not worry they will get there, especially when they see their friends riding without them.

The first time the stabilisers are off, go somewhere flat, traffic free and quiet, so they can practice. Initially, you will have to run behind holding the saddle. Do not let go until your child says they are ready. Letting go too soon can easily shatter a child’s confidence, and set them back months.

Teaching them to go on the road

Initially, do not let them go on the roads. Ride around parks until you are sure they are stable. Once you are sure they are confident riders you can take them onto the road.

At first, you should always ride as a family group. This keeps your child safe while they learn the traffic signs, and the rules of the road. At this stage, if there are cycling proficiency courses available in your area, send your child along to one.

Once they have done the course, take them out a few times to make sure that they really do know what they are doing. Only let them go out on the roads on their own when you are 100% confident that it is safe to do so.

Teaching Your Children to Ride a Bike




  1. Teaching kids to ride a bike is actually pretty simple. Both my girls learned in less than a day, and we go biking all the time! 🙂

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