What Are Some Things to Do in New York City?

New York City is known as the city that never sleeps. There is always something fun and exciting to do at all hours of the day or night. This is why it is one of the top tourist destinations on the planet. Are you planning a trip to New York City in the future? If this is the case, you would be wise to make plans regarding what you will do before you get there. This will prevent you from wasting time deciding on your schedule after you arrive. Here are a few activity ideas that you can consider during your stay in New York City.

1. Visit some of the amazing museums that New York City has to offer.

New York City is famous for having some of the most outstanding museums anywhere in the world. You will be able to find a museum that you enjoy regardless of the style of art that interests you. You will be able to see the work of legendary painters like Van Gogh at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Guggenheim is also ranked very high on many lists of the city’s best attractions. You can spend hours in these buildings and still not see everything. There is no question that New York City is a paradise for lovers of fine art.

2. Climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty.

Lady Liberty has been a global symbol of freedom for well over a century. It has been a beacon of hope for those people around the world who want a better life than what they currently have in their own country. It is also a beautiful work of art. Tourists are able to go inside the Statue of Liberty and climb to the top of the torch. Needless to say, the view that you will get from the Manhattan skyline is quite impressive. You will get some great photos. This is definitely a New York City landmark that you do not want to miss during your stay. Be prepared to wait in a long line if you decide to visit New York City in the middle of summer during the height of tourist season.

3. You and your family can go on a bus tour of the entire city.

New York City is so vast that you will not be able to see it all during one trip. However, you will definitely be able to cover more ground if you take a bus tour. There are a wide variety of companies that offer a hop on hop off bus NYC. These tours are very handy because they will take you to all of the most famous tourist attractions that New York City has to offer. Another nice benefit of a bus tour is that you will be able to get off the bus for a short period of time at specific landmarks and take some photos. This will certainly make your trip more memorable than zipping by various landmarks very quickly in the bus. It would be in your best interests to make reservations for your bus tour before you arrive in New York City. This will prevent you from encountering a situation where the bus is all booked up for that particular day.

What Are Some Things to Do in New York City?


  1. Thanks for the list. New York is on our bucket list being from a rural area I think we will be amazed when we finally get there.

  2. Times Square?! Exploring all the nooks and crannies in Manhattan. Gotta get a slice of some authentic NY pizza. Visit some of the restaurants. Central Park! So many things. The possibilities in NY are endless.

  3. I went into the city with my oldest and his girlfriend two years ago. We had fun just walking around with no real destinations in mind for most of the stay.

  4. Great list! Agreed that New York is such a nice place to visit. Had been there a decade ago and always wanted to go back to visit again. Sounds like you had a lot of fun there.

  5. I just went to NYC for the 6th time a few months ago. We went to the 9/11 memorial which was amazing, The View and saw a show. So many things to do!

  6. This post is perfectly timed for me since I’ll be going to NYC in less than a month! I definitely want to check out the MOMA and the Guggenheim while I’m there.

  7. Our favourite thing to do there is just to hang out in Central Park. Preferably with some Halal Guys takeout! Then a good book. That makes for a really great afternoon 🙂

  8. I live about 1/2 hour outside of NYC—and have yet to take that bus tour!! I really should do that!! The museums are wonderful–and there are some you probably have never even heard of. Don’t miss walking around Central Park–And take a day to just walk around the area where you are staying–there is so much to see and do there.

  9. I would love to go on a bus tour of the whole city! I have never been to NYC before, but have always been fascinated by the city.

  10. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to New York City! Hopefully we’ll get to go next year. It’s good to know mid-summer is the busiest!

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