Working Outdoors: What Can I Do?


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There are many choices of jobs to do that involve spending most of you time outside. But finding the one for you may be a little bit tricky, so here are a list of the most common outdoor careers that pay well.


This is a type of construction worker who moves around earth and water to make it more aesthetically appealing. Someone trained in landscaping may only work to improve an existing garden layout, or they might work in one of the more specialized landscaping companies where they make everything from scratch. This is a job for people who have a background in building, are good with their hands and have an eye for detail.


A gardener is someone who works in maintaining the life of plants. This job is ideal for someone who has an interest in plants and flowers.


This is someone that has the opportunity to travel around the world, digging up land to find old antiques and even fossils! But not only that, but it can also be when the government may want to dig up to a road or build something – they call the group of archaeologists and they dig to see if anything is there that will affect construction. If you like getting your hands dirty, learning about history and working a sweat, this is the job for you.

Termite Service Technicians

In the world of pest control, some technicians decide to specialize in termite control. Termites are insects that bury their way into wood (you homes!) and gnaw at it all day making it hollow inside. If they go untreated, they could make your house fall down! A termite service technician will visit multiple homes and commercial buildings per day, trying to resolve infestations. This job is suited for someone who doesn’t mind creepy crawlies and high, tight spaces.

Environmental Scientists

Environmental scientists are given the job of identifying problems and finding solutions that protect the health of the environment and its inhabitants. They can spend their days collecting data and monitoring environmental conditions. (Usually working in all kinds of weather.)

This job is perfect for people who care about protecting the planet; it can be a very rewarding career.


The job includes titles such as brick masons, block masons and stone masons. They spend most of their days outdoors constructing fences, walkways, walls and other physical structures. The work is hard, but there is a lot of demand for these jobs. These jobs can be found all around the country, so they’re easy enough to find. Plus you don’t need to have a college degree. What you will need is physical strength and stamina as you will often have to lift heavy material and spend your days standing, kneeling and bending for long periods of time. Despite the risks, you can earn a good salary.

There are many other outdoor jobs out there, so keep looking until you find your missing piece.


  1. I don’t think I could be a person who works outside. Not a fan of the wet and the cold!! I am more a warm hot place person lol

  2. That’s a cool list. Some people love working outdoors naturally.

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