5 of the Best Ski Resorts in Canada

Cold weather, snow, and sunny days must mean that it is time for people in Canada to hit the slopes for some phenomenal downhill skiing, snowboarding, and tubing.  Ski resorts are plentiful in Canada, but there are a few that most people prefer over all of the rest. This winter we have been hanging out at a few of Canada’s best ski resorts. There is never a shortage of things to do for the family and always a guaranteed good time!

My oldest son took on some skiing lessons and the rest of us enjoyed tubing, skating and drinking hot chocolate! These ski resorts throughout Canada offer something for everyone.

5 of the Best Ski Resorts in Canada
Here are 5 of the best ski resorts in Canada:

  1. Whistler Blackcomb in British Columbia

Skiers get two mountains in one at this resort for double the amount of fun and adventure.  There are more than two hundred trails between both Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, plus sixteen alpine bowls and three glaciers.  No skier will find themselves bored on the 3,200 hectares of land surrounded by snow and exquisite scenery.

  1. Le Massif in Quebec

Le Massif is the highest peak east of the Canadian Rockies and the forty ski runs ensure that every skier has a fantastic time on the slopes.  There is much more than skiing offered at Le Massif though.  People are encouraged to try rodelling, which is similar to sledding.  The rodelling trail is seven and a half kilometers long and can be found on Mont á Liguori.  After a day on the slopes, many people sit back and relax while enjoying a meal at one of the local gourmet restaurants.

  1. Fernie in British Columbia

Eleven meters of snow is normal over the course of a winter at Fernie Ski Resort.  The all powder snow is found on almost one hundred and fifty ski trails as well as five alpine bowls.  Every skier will feel an adrenaline rush each time they begin their trip down the mountain and that feeling will not stop all day long.

  1. Kicking Horse Resort in British Columbia

Kicking Horse has one of the highest vertical drops that people can ski and at 1,260 meters, people will experience a thrill of their lifetime.  While downhill skiing at the resort is popular, many people will find themselves trying out heliskiing for the first time.  At the end of a long day on the slopes, most people will head into town to take a relaxing dip in one of the local hot springs.

  1. Blue Mountain Resort in Ontario

The time of day does not matter to skiers at Blue Mountain Resort, because the skiing is fabulous day or night.  The views from the mountain are breathtaking and there is nothing like skiing under the stars.  There are thirty-six ski trails available as well as three different freestyle terrains.

Skiing is a sport that many people enjoy doing with family and friends.  It is important to choose a ski resort that has exceptional skiing and many other activities that appeal to everyone in the group.    All of these ski resorts have unique options that make them better than other resorts in the country.

Do you have a favourite ski resort in Canada you would like to add to the list?



  1. I haven’t been to any of these ski resorts but I’d love to! Having little kids makes it hard to do that right now though. My brother loves Panorama Ski Resort. We went to Nakiska two years ago.

  2. I never heard of rodelling. Sounds different

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