5 Tips to Designing the Perfect Shared Room for Your Kids

Sharing a room as children is often common when you live in a smaller home or have more siblings than rooms to go around. While sharing a room can sometimes lead to territorial squabbles, it can also be a great time for your children to bond as they grow up. For parents, designing a shared room for multiple children can be rough. Do you create a room with one cohesive design or do you allow each child to have a bit of their own personality in their spaces? Below are some ideas on how to create the ultimate shared room for your kids.

  1. Use One Paint Color

To avoid having a room with three different wall colors it’s probably a good idea to choose a color that will go well with any color or theme your children might want for their room. Light blues and greens are great for boy’s rooms while soft hues of pink and purple would go great for a girl’s room.

  1. Use Room Dividers

Older children who share a room will likely want to have their own space. A great way to give each child some privacy in the shared room would be to use room dividers. Sectioning off an area of the room for each child allows them to feel as if they’re in their own space. Room dividers such as those found at https://roomdividersnow.com/ will allow each child to have privacy when they want it while also allowing for siblings to share time, too.

  1. Get the Kids’ Input

You can’t very well create the best shared room for your kids without finding out what they might want to see in their room. Ask them questions about colors, themes, characters, sports teams, and whatever else you might find interesting to put into the room’s design. Once you’ve gotten their ideas, you can try putting them together to see what you can come up with creatively to make each of them feel like a part of the room is especially theirs.

  1. Think Space Saving Furniture

When it comes to shared rooms, you want to try and conserve as much space as you can. Try looking for space saving furniture. For instance, there are beds that have a dresser drawer underneath them which can be used to save space. If you have smaller children, going with a trundle bed or a bunk bed is your best bet to conserve an area for playing.

  1. Use Shelves for Storage

Storage is going to be a necessity in order to keep a shared space clean. You’ll want to invest in shelves to give your children more places to store their toys and belongings. Bookshelves can be used to store books, video games, and even DVDs. Closet shelve units can be great for organizing shoes, belts, and other accessories.

If you keep all of these tips in mind as you create a shared room space for your children you are sure to do an awesome job at creating a space they’ll be proud to call their own. Remember, always get your kid’s input, they’ll enjoy you allowing them to put their unique style and creativity into their living space.

5 Tips to Designing the Perfect Shared Room for Your Kids


  1. These are great tips! We only have 1 but I think getting their input makes a huge difference. Our little one wouldn’t go in his room for the longest time. As soon as we went with something that he wanted he was in there all the time. ~J~

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