Your Beautiful Body Deserves A Sexy Swimsuit

When it comes to swimsuits, every woman needs to have at least one in her closet for when that surprise trip comes up. The problem is that’s styles change and sometimes, a new swimsuit is in order for that next trip — and let’s face it: swimsuit shopping can be difficult. Certain body types have it easy when it comes to finding attractive swimwear, but for the plus size woman swimsuit shopping can be a nightmare. The wrong swimsuit can emphasize lumps and bumps and highlight the body in an unflattering way. Luckily,there has been something of a plus size revolution and a great number of online retailers are now offering the perfect plus size swimwear that will turn heads for all the right reasons. Plus size women can feel trendy and sexy in new 2017 swimsuits that not only flatter their rocking bodies but are super comfortable to boot.

An online retailer is often the best place to go, as they are able to stock far more options than a traditional department store. A retailer like Swimsuits For All, for example, is a plus size woman’s dream come true, as women can find attractive swimsuits ranging from sizes 8 to 34 and, even better, they can shop from the comfort of their own homes. Customization is key, so the right retailer should offer the best in choice and customization. Find a retailer that has specialized in plus size swimsuits for women since for more than 10 years and who are considered a leader in swimwear for curvy gals. Visit their site and checkout the amazing swimsuit options and women who are totally rocking it. Try these swimsuits and look as hot as plus size beauties like Robyn Lawley or Ashley Graham — who believes in the retailer so much, she has her own line available at their store!

swim suits for all

When shopping online, it is important to note that different swimsuit styles will have different effects on the body. For example, swimsuits with ruffles will add volume. Shirred or ruched fabric will decrease volume. Different colors also have an effect. For example, to bring attention to sexy breasts wear a brighter color on top.

Another swimwear sizing tip to keep in mind is that curvy women also come in many different body shapes. The pear shape for example is smaller on top. A curvy pear might want to choose a bandeau top. Why? Bandeau tops can widen the bust, which will help give a pear shape more of an hourglass shape. A ruffled bandeau top would be particularly good. A woman with a very large bust may want to instead minimize her bust. For this, a swimsuit with a straight across cut at the top and wider straps would be a solid choice as it helps minimize the bust line.

Finding the right swimsuit may bring fitting room dread to some plus size women, but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Now finding the perfect plus size swimwear can be much easier thanks to retailers like Swimsuits for all. Visit the site for 30% off site-wide and free shipping on $50+ dollar purchases! Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, so hop online to explore your options today.

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