Clean and Protect your System with Norton Security

What do you do when you find your computer has been infected by a virus? The first thing is to do, of course, is to have to try and remove the malware from the PC. The next step is to try and recover the data, at least the important files like documents, pictures and videos. This of course depends on the severity of the infection, and may range from no data loss if you are lucky, or to a complete wipe, if you are not so lucky.

Clean and Protect your System with Norton Security

How did the virus attack happen in the first place? There is no one way for such infections these days, but mostly they occur through online means, such as email scams, malicious links via IMs, amd malware embedded in website ads,  and software. But now and then a USB drive with some malware on it, does cause a PC to get infected in the old fashioned way.

And then there is ransomware, the most dangerous kind of malware there is today, which can encrypt all your files, and unless you have the decryption key, you will lose your data.

So, it doesn’t matter where the infection comes from. It is the aftermath of the virus attack that we have to deal with, and that is quite a pain. As they say, there is no use crying over spilled milk. Soon after, you will wonder if there had been some way, which could have prevented this nightmarish incident. There is you know, a basic way. Simply use an antivirus, and keep it updated, and it will stop viruses from infecting the computer.

Which is the best antivirus you ask us? Well, allow us to just explore the features of Norton Security Premium, which will answer your question. It truly is a superb security solution.

Let’s see what the interface of the Norton Security Premium looks like. It has a well designed UI with a light theme. The primary screen of the antivirus, has 5 tabs: Security, Identity, Backup, Performance, and More Norton.

The tabs each have a unique icon, which also help identify their function. You can clearly see that Norton Security Premium, is user friendly.

The part of the screen above the five tabs, this area shows the Protection status of Norton Security

Premium.  You can see when the antivirus was updated too. There is a last scan indicator, is right below the updates date, and this one tells you when the last time was, since a scan was performed. There is a quick scan button next to the last scan indicator.

Clicking the quick scan button takes you to the scans tasks screen. And so will the security tab. The security tab also lists all the detections made by the antivirus, and houses a quarantine vault where the malicious files are listed, and isolated from the rest of the operating system.

You can also access the firewall of Norton Security Premium from this tab. This is a two way firewall by the way, and works silently to protect you from not just incoming attack from the internet, but also blocks leaks. You can customize the firewall rules to manually whitelist programs, or block programs from accessing the internet manually. If any application has high resource usage or if any file intrusions are detected by Norton Security, the suspicious behaviour of such programs will be logged and reported under the security tab.

There are 3 types of scans Norton Security Premium. They are Quick Scan, Full System Scan and Custom Scan.

The quick scan only examines the key areas of the computer, which most malware tend to target. This also makes it the fastest scan type of the three. The Full System Scan examines your entire computer for signs of malware and other infections. This is a very thorough scan, and as such is also the slowest of the scan options available.

The third scan in Norton Security, the custom scan, as the name suggests, lets you choose the files and folders you want to scan.

There is a fourth option, available below the scan options, called Custom Task. This lets you create scheduled tasks, for running other components which are available in Norton Security Premium at specified times. This includes LiveUpdate, which Norton uses to update its antivirus definitions, and the software itself, along with a bunch of other tools.

The options below these are Norton Power Eraser, Norton Insight, and Diagnostic Report. The first tool, Norton Power Eraser, is used for deleting the most stubborn viruses and malware from your computer, which other antivirus cannot remove.

Norton Insight is a highly useful service, for people  who download a lot of files from the internet. You see, not every website is angelic, and some bad guys do bundle malware, or adware like tool bars into installers. You can’t tell which exe is safe and which is a malicious one. So the thing you need to do, is well, nothing. Just sit back and relax, and let Norton do the work.You see, Norton Insight is file reputation service, which analyzes the files which you downloaded and checks their reputation, for any known malicious content.

This is how it works. You submit a file to Norton Insight, and it analyzes the file using a combination of machine learning algorithms and also uses a system which is powered by community ratings, which marks files based on their trust level (trusted, good).  The list also displayes the filenames of each of the file uploaded to Norton network, and also shows if the files have many users or not, and the potential risk rating of each file (low, moderate, etc). So, when it finds a bad file, you can zap it to the quarantine vault.

The Diagnostic Report option in Norton Security Premium’s security tab, can be used for viewing the information about your computer.

Next in the list is the Identity tab. This takes you to the Norton Identity Safe which is Norton’s password manager. This is actually a fantastic component of Norton Security Premium. You can store all your online account’s usernames and passwords in it, and lock them with a single master password. That’s all you need to remember, no more hassles about forgetting long and complex passwords.

Another advantage to using the Norton Identity Safe, is that you can also use it for saving notes, addresses etc, This is handy, because you can use it for filling web forms and save time from typing it every time. You can also use the password manager to see the number of strong passwords you have, and don’t worry if you find some weak passwords. You can use the built in Password Generator, to create random passwords.

There is a nifty little security feature in Norton Identity Safe, which can protect your browser from malware. It is called Safe Surfing, and automatically blocks malicious websites, malware, and also from phishing attacks.

Norton Security Premium has a pretty good online backup option. You can backup up to 25GB of data on to Norton’s secure cloud storage servers. You can use the Backup tab in the software, to create and manage the cloud backups in Norton Security Premium. Of course, you can also use the same for restoring files from the cloud backups. ?You can buy additional storage space from Norton, if the 25GB offered in this package, is not sufficient.

Norton Protection

The thing with Norton Security Premium, is that it can keep your computer running at its best performance. How is that? There is the Performance tab on the primary screen which takes you to the optimization tools. These can be used for defragmention your computer’s hard drive, so that programs and files can be opened faster.

It can also be used for deleting the files in the Windows’ temporary files, all the cookies and files from your browsing data and more. So your hard drive is not full, and ready for new files.

PC booting slowly, don’t worry, Norton Security Premium can also be used to improve the booting time of the PC by a good amount. Like Norton Insight, this is also a community powered module, which means you can get the ratings from other users who have voted if the start up item is safe to disable from starting up, or not. So even if you don’t know what to do, you can safely rely on the rating and follow the same.


Finally there is the More Norton tab, which is a dashboard of sorts. It can be used for managing the Norton account.

A single subscription of Norton Security Premium, grants you the right to use the same license on up to 10 devices. These don’t have to be Windows PCs. You can use the license on your Macs, smartphones and tablets. If that doesn’t convince you, wait till you hear this. Norton offers a 100% virus free guarantee and free technical support around the clock, 24×7. Now that is a sure fire way to win my confidence.

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