When the Entire Family is Sick

It has been a few years since we were hit this bad with a bug. Overall we all are pretty healthy, but there are certain viruses and times of year when you just can not run and hide from being sick. Having teens this is not a good week to be down for the count. My oldest son is finishing up his program at school and my younger son is getting ready for exams. Throw in his basketball tournament, endless work piling up for me and the rest of our day to day.

Every year we get the flu shot, we practice hand washing and keep tissues around the house. We eat immune boosting foods and do whatever we can to be healthy day to day.  But when one gets sick, it is just a matter of time before we all get it. And every single time it seems I am the last to get it. For some reason I am okay to take care of them all, them BAM it is my turn. Then I am on my own and they are all off being happy and healthy and full of energy.

This week started off like any week, everyone was fine on Sunday and we all spent the day together. We went shopping, had lunch and went for a drive. That evening the 16 year old started feeling off. He was then up all night vomiting, every 30 minutes. He has missed school and basketball all week.  Luckily he was able to pretty much take care of himself and stayed in his room.

However the panic for me began and the laundry started piling up.

Next day the oldest boy was coughing and feeling off. He stayed home from school and that night started being sick like his brother. This one calls for me half the time and needs mom more than his younger brother. His dad will respond and he will say “Get mom!”  He keeps telling me he feels like he is dying. I guess fever, chills, body aches and not being able to stay out of the bathroom will do that.

So yesterday I stocked up on cleaning wipes, toilet paper, Kleenex, Pepto , Advil, juice etc. I cleaned all surfaces around the house over again. Cleaned out buckets and made sure they both had them.

Did I mention we have only 1 bathroom?

The boys are both home for another day, sick in bed. Recovering at this point from what I can tell. Still feeling yucky, but able to keep fluids down. This morning the youngest was up and ready for school. She was about to walk out the door and ran for the bathroom. She is now sick on the couch. Being my baby, even though she is 8, makes it extremely tough on me. I am holding her hair and rubbing her back as she leans over the toilet and cries.

I know I am going to get sick. Hubs will get sick and our house will be a big germ fest. Scratch that, it already is a big germ fest. Hubs says he will take care of me when I am sick, but he is a sympathy puker. So I will pretty much be on my own. And if he gets sick, help us all. A man cold is a nightmare, this bug will be horrifying. Hubs and I both agreed we are too old to be hanging on a toilet for 12 hours straight. So we need to do what we can now, to try and prevent it, if possible.

The joys of family!

When the entire family is sick

I am just hoping for the best and hoping it does not hit me as hard as the teens. So far the youngest is not too bad. *knock on wood*

Did I mention my oldest daughter is sick too? She lives on her own and was suppose to stay the night last-night. I told her to stay away as she did not want whatever this was. And we did not need whatever it is she has.

So now I sit here writing this, drinking Green Tea waiting for my name to be called from one of the kids. Hoping this bug passes me by as I wash load after load of laundry. Running the dishwasher to disinfect the glasses and about to mop the floor for the third time this week. I wish I could open my windows and air out the house. But being minus 13 out and having a tropical bird, this is not a good idea.

I have stocked up on Gravol as well, not sure what else we can do. Any tips or recommendations please let me know.

If you do not see me posting for a few days, you know why. Stay healthy!


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