The Fast Slow Cooker from Breville

One of my most favourite things in the kitchen is the slow cooker. It allows me to make yummy meals for my family, with very little effort. I do not mind standing by the stove and cooking up a feast sometimes, but when I am busy, the slow cooker is best.

Breville recently sent me a great slow cooker, actually it is the Fast slow cooker. Yes, you read that right, the Fast slow cooker. This slow cooker is like nothing I have ever used before. It cooks fast and slow depending on your needs.

Slow Cook or Pressure Cook with All the Time in the World, or No Time At All

All cuts of meat can be cooked to melt-in-the-mouth, but how do you cook tender meat with all the time in the world, or no time at all?

It’s all possible with the ‘Fast Slow Cooker’: a pressure cooker that’s also a slow cooker. Layer delicate flavours over many hours for succulent, melt-in-the mouth meals, or achieve the same results in no time when you’re under pressure.

Fully programmable, with integrated safety features so you can set and forget, the ‘Fast Slow Cooker’s’ 6 litre capacity is perfect for when friends drop in for dinner.

Slow food in the fast lane.

I have been using this for a few weeks now. During Christmas I was cooking a turkey int he oven and had no room for the spiral ham. I popped it in the Fast Slow cooker and it was perfect!

I have not used the pressure cooking features as I have never pressure cooked anything before. But I am planning on trying soon. I have been using the slow cooker option though, lots.

Once you power it on, you push the button to select pressure cooker or slow cooker. Then you decide on the time for cooking. The large 6 litre capacity is perfect for cooking for a big hungry family like mine. It is pretty deep but if it were wider, it would be amazing. I just made pulled pork in it for dinner and it was perfection!

I placed a frozen pork loin in with one can of gingerale and one cup of water. A little garlic powder and salt then set it for 6 hours.  The other cooking time option is 8 hours. Every once in a while I would hear a noise coming from the Fast Slow cooker. Turns out it was releasing steam. I could also do this manually if wanted.

Once done I stuck a fork in the pork and it easily came apart.  Threw in a bottle of BBQ sauce and mixed it around. Placed some pulled pork and shredded cheese on a bun and dinner was done. It literally cooked itself.

Now for the good part. The clean up is so easy and so fast! The cooking bowl pops out and can be placed in the dishwasher. Easy-peasy clean up!

I am really loving this stainless steel slow cooker with cool handles. It is perfect for pot-lucks as well. Just use the warming feature.

Accessories included with this great counter top appliance are; Stainless steel steaming tray and trivet, heat resistant spatula, serving spoon and measuring cup.

I can definitely see using this every week to make meals for the family. Especially on days I will be out of the house and not have time to cook.

Price $229.99

The Breville Fast Slow Cooker can be purchased at many retailers nationwide, including the Bay, Sears, Canadian Tire and Home Outfitters.

Check out all of the great features and find a store near you the Fast Slow cooker

So what do you think? Can you see this making your life easier?


  1. I need to check this out in person to see the size but it would replace a few appliances in my kitchen I think.

  2. I am so lucky because my husband got me one for Christmas and I love it!!

  3. That looks like a super meal helper! One thing I don’t use enough in my slow cooker I will have to try some pulled pork yours looks so yummy!!

  4. Oh I’d love to try one of these, it looks fantastic!

  5. nicolthepickle says

    It looks really good. I use my slowcooker a lot. It has a crack in it so I’m in the market for a new one. This one looks exceptionally good.

  6. I need this in my life! Looks like it would save a TON of time AND space – my slow cooker is really wide! And that food….looks AMAZING!

  7. We just got one similar to this and we LOVE it! We use it all the time!

  8. I’ll be checking this fast slow cooker out. I love that it can be used as a slow cooker or a pressure cooker.

  9. shaunatorres says

    You know, I have never heard of this fast slow cooker. I had no idea it even existed. I will totally be checking it out. Thanks for sharing

  10. This sounds like the perfect slow cooker/pressure cooker. I’d really like to start making my favorite recipes easier with a pressure cooker!

  11. I have been looking for a new slow cooker. This would be a great addition to my kitchen. I will have to add it to my wish list.

  12. Claudia Krusch says

    I need this slow cooker in my life. I have been seeing so many fantastic recipes for slow cookers I would love to try.

  13. brokenteepee says

    I love my Breville Toaster Oven so I know the company is good. I’ve never heard of a fast slow cooker. It’s interesting. Thanks for letting me know about it. I’m very intrigued

  14. I love that it is so easy to clean! Looks like a great slow cooker! 😀

  15. i really need to buy me a slow cooker. i love that this one is so easy to clean.

  16. I think you have convinced me that I need to buy a slow cooker! Thanks for the inspiration- this one looks like it would be perfect for our family!

  17. I have got to have one of these! I love that it cooks so fast and comes with some great accessories!

  18. Elva Roberts says

    I have just started using my slow cooker and I love it. I would love the Fast Slow Cooker as well. I may get one later on. Thank you for telling us about the Breville Fast Slow cooker.

  19. Stacy Scott says

    I so need to get one~ Being a family of 12, This would be helpful to make some Yummy different Meals. Would this Slow cooker be a big enough size? Awesome Post =) Thank you for sharing

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