Free Things for Families in the Winter

The colder months of winter bring plenty of activities that families can do together.  While some of those activities, like skiing, can cost quite a bit of money for families to do on a regular basis, many other activities will not cost anything at all.

I know we have all had extremely cold temperatures this year. But if the snow is out and the sun is shining, this list will be good for you!

Here are 8 free things that families can do this winter:

  1. A front yard filled with snow is just asking for a snowman family. Bundle everyone up and head outside to build snowmen.  Sticks can be used for arms, carrots for noses, and buttons for eyes.  Old hats and scarves will complete the look.
  2. Tobogganing is a lot of fun for families and only two things are needed; a toboggan and a hill. Take along a thermos or two of hot chocolate to take care of the chill and thirst when the fun ends.
  3. Piles of snow in the yard can be turned into one amazing snow fort. However, if there is not enough snow outside, families should feel free to build the fort inside with pillows and blankets.
  4. Families that hike will not need to worry about missing out on any fun during the winter months, because they can strap on a pair of snow shoes and go snow shoeing.
  5. Roller skating is fun, but during the winter, everyone should head to an outdoor ice skating rink for some skating fun. Families may even want to consider going at night, so they can skate under the stars that shimmer in the sky.
  6. Families that have fire pits in their backyard should head out and start a winter fire. Everyone can sit around the fire and talk while roasting marshmallows for s’mores.
  7. During the winter months, maple syrup farms are getting ready to make syrup for the year. Most of them have weekends where people can visit and learn about the maple syrup process.
  8. Find a pond that is frozen solid or an empty ice skating rink and play a game or two of ice hockey.

Families are guaranteed to have fun with these activities and since they are free, they will fit any budget.  Many of these activities do not even need to be planned on ahead of time, so you can decide at the last-minute if you want to go outside and have fun. Just make sure to have the hot chocolate ready when you come back in!

What do you enjoy doing in the winter months?

Free Things for Families in the Winter



  1. Love this list of free winter activities, I need this inspiration to get outside more! Going tobogganing or skating followed by a winter bonfire sounds like the perfect way to spend a cold winter evening!

  2. susanmarymalone says

    All of these sound really fun! But we live in the South, and rarely get snow!

  3. Outdoor rinks are a favorite of ours, I just wish the weather was warmer this year so we could get out and enjoy them.

  4. Such a great and comprehensive list of activities. WE love going for hikes and I wish we had snow here!

  5. These are some great winter activities. We live in the south so we don’t get snow, knock on wood. So we pretty much get to do anything we would do in the spring during the winter.

  6. I remember sledding as a child, it was a lot of fun. nowadays for winter fun we stay in and read or play games.

  7. These are all fun activities for families. We always loved building snowmen. I still remember the very first one I built when I was a child. It looked more like a monster! haha. I love the idea of starting a bonfire and roasting marshmallows. That is something we haven’t tried yet.

  8. What a fun list of activities!!! If you bundle up good enough, there is tons of fun to be had in the snow!

  9. We enjoy snowboarding and skiing. The kids love to just play in the snow and go sledding. And of course snowmobiling.

  10. These are all great ideas! I wish the snow would stick around for us to have some fun in it sadly it keeps raining and melting away all the snow!

  11. robin masshole mommy says

    We had snow here for about 2 days and then it all melted! The kids are waiting for it to snow again.

  12. These are all fun ideas that we do also! Where I live there’s not always a lot of snow but when there is we go out and sled for sure.

  13. Such fun tips. We don’t have much snow right now but, when we do get it–we will have to do these. Thanks!

  14. Great ideas! We’re in Arizona so the winter is when we head outside and do stuff…just without snow! But snow is about 2-3 hours north so we still could use some of these fun activities! Thanks for sharing!

  15. These are all really great ideas. Who says you have to spend a ton of money to have an awesome family time?

  16. We tried ice skating last month and it was hilarious! My kids feel basically every single time they got up!

  17. This is a great list of ideas. Winter is so hard to deal with, so I am always looking for activities.

  18. My kids love to go out in the snow and play. Sledding is always a fun way to get some exercise and have fun.

  19. Once it warms up a little, I bet my boys will be digging in the feet of snow we’ve gotten. I just need hot chocolate ready for when they come in.

  20. This all sounds so amazing. I have been waiting for a major snow so our family could go outside and have some fun. I think the most that we have received this year was about 2 inches and it was fluffy powder … useless. I am still hopeful for the coming months and would love to check off a number of things on your list!

  21. these things are great especially when on a budget. everything looks so fun.

  22. Those activities sound so fun! We do a lot of fun activities during winter. Such a fun season to be with family!

  23. Great list! We are definitely on a budget this year so we will be pulling from these ideas! Thanks for the suggestions <3

  24. We might be getting snow here again soon in Northern VA, so these are great ideas. Bookmarking!

  25. Rosanne Robinson says

    So much fun right outside your front door! We did have snow here, but it’s all gone now. I’m sure we’ll be getting more, so will take advantage when it comes.

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