How to Save For a Vacation

With winter in full swing here in Canada, many people are starting to dream about warmer destinations. They are looking at their finances and hoping to book a family vacation. But do they have the funds to book a family vacation without it impacting their day-to-day life?

Everyone wants to believe that they have plenty of money in the bank and that they will always be able to use some of the money for dream vacations.  However, before those vacations happen, the washing machine stops working, the car breaks down, and the roof starts leaking.  There goes all of the extra money that people thought that they had.

Here are 6 ways that people can save money for their next vacation and have it available when they need it:

  1. Open a separate account for vacation money

When people place their vacation money into a separate account, it is less likely that the money will be used for anything else.

  1. Automate vacation savings

Many people will place money into their vacation accounts after they have paid all of their bills, but the best way to do it is to have it automatically put into the account.  When it is done automatically, people are less likely to use the money for something else that seems more important at the time.

  1. Use credit cards wisely

People who can carefully use their credit cards will want to take advantage of the rewards programs that are offered.  This should only be done by people who can and will pay the credit card balance every month.  The rewards can be used for hotels and other travel expenses.

  1. Utilize a change jar

Nickels, dimes, quarters and other coins add up over time and many people will be amazed at how much money they can save by just adding their coins to a jar every week.  To really step up the savings process, people can also place other money into the jar.  If someone budgets $100 for groceries one week and only spends $80, they can add the $20 to the jar.  To ensure that no one takes money back out of the jar, empty it and deposit the amount into a vacation account every couple of months.

  1. Moonlight

Moonlighting is not for everyone, but it is a great way for many people to earn some extra cash.  Moonlighting jobs can be just about anything and everyone has their own experiences.  Some people may want to watch children, clean houses, sew, landscape or work at a local store a few hours a week.  The goal is to earn a little money for vacation without getting overwhelmed and tired.  Working ten hours moonlighting could net a person approximately $150 or more for their vacation fund.

  1. Sell anything that is no longer being used

Houses are filled with unused items and selling them can add to anyone’s vacation fund.  There are many ways to sell things and the more popular ways are garage sales or sites like Craigslist and eBay.  Garage sales can be the easiest, because they can be set up quickly.  Listing items on Craigslist and eBay takes time and then people need to respond to inquiries and either schedule a pickup time or ship the item out. I love local consignment stores for children’s clothes and sportswear.

These are only a few ways that people can save money for their next vacation.  There are plenty more options available and people should be creative and see what works best for them.  Dream vacations are possible for everyone if people plan ahead and save wherever possible. You may feel it is too late for this winter, but you can start saving for next year.

How to save for a Vacation

Happy travels!


  1. Such good ideas. I’m really going to try some. It may take me years to achieve my goals but I’m going to give it a go. Really what do I have to lose.

  2. Automating vacation savings is one of the things we do to make sure we have room in the adventure budget! Great tips!

  3. Great ideas! I used to work nights stocking shelves for extra cash while working days as well. I enjoyed the moonlighting jobs most and now I’m in bed by 11 pm, lol!

  4. Linda Klages says

    Automatic saving is the best thing since sliced bread – works great. Don’t forget to try to win the odd trip – I have.

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