Life on the Water: Top Apps for Boating and Fishing

It’s a fishing and boating thing.  There’s something indescribable about the open water, the sea life, and man amongst nature dynamic that draws so many to the pastimes of fishing and boating.  Like every other modern interest, fishing and boating have entered the technological age.  It’s likely that ‘there’s an app for that,’ and in the world of fishing and boating, there’s no exception.

Boating Marine and Lakes

This app is basically like a GPS device for your boat.  As in a car, with today’s tools, it’s pretty difficult to get lost or lose the sense of one’s direction.  This app uses up-to-date Hydrographic Office data to serve as a Northstar to voyagers both new and well seasoned.  Use existing data to create your own routes and reports.


Fishidy is a tool for today’s fisherman who wants to record catches and location as well as use today’s available technology to brag about it to the world in real time.  Upload pictures and other tidbits about your trips in addition to finding tips and information from today’s most esteemed pros and sources.

Pro Angler

Like the first app above, the Pro Angler serves as an on-water GPS device but it does so much more.  Know the location of over a thousand tackle and bait shops, get informed on over one hundred species of fish and sea life, and when you’re done catching for the day, fire up the grill with confidence while following the in-app recipes.


Fishbrain is kind of like the Meetup for fisherman.  Though the app is not specifically used to promote meetups, fisherman upload pictures and reports as friends, family, and colleagues make comments, jokes, and real-time observations.  Use it to gloat, make friends, or figure out where the area’s best fisherman go.


Deeper is like having your own telescope submerged in the water.  It will give detailed information about the water’s temperatures and multi-contours.  It’s a real gem for those who are seasoned fisherman but ready to test the waters in some new areas.  The sonar can be cast out or mounted to a boat or kayak.  Use it in conjunction with this weather app to gain insight about temperatures in and out of the water.

Boat Ramps

There are popular and extremely useful tools for helping people find hotels, airline tickets, and restaurants, but what about marinas?  It’s Boat Ramps to the rescue, supplying you with information on 35,000 boat ramps and marinas.  You’ll never be stuck for a place to park your boat.

USCG Safety Gear

Even those who have been on the seas for years need reminding about safety measures every now and again.  The app gives a rundown of mandatory and suggested supplies for your craft.  Find out how to maintain your boat, how to secure supplies, and design a maintenance plan.

BoatUS Towing

It’s likely that you have several options in mind if your car breaks down.  What if you’re in need of maintenance or help upon the open seas?  Get connected to the largest network of on-water towers.  You’ll never have to worry about the safety and welfare of your passengers knowing that help is but a few gestures of communication away.

Patrick Griffiths is a free spirit who craves the outdoors, never happy to be cooped up in 1 place for too long. He writes about his travels and his hobbies.

Top apps for Boating and Fishing


  1. I love boating, to me it’s so relaxing!

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    These would come in handy for those boating and fishing. Me, I have absolutely no sense of direction on the road let alone on water so I’d need GPS to find home again just like I have for driving too. 🙂

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    These sound like great apps. I have a few friends that love to fish. I will have to share this with them.

  9. I love to get out on the water and relax. I always bring a good book to read while my Son fishes.I will have to show him these apps.

  10. Our family loves boating, it is one of our family bonding. I didn’t know there are apps for boating and fishing. Thank you so much for sharing these!

  11. There are so many useful apps for boating and fishing. I haven’t been out on a boat in ages.

  12. We plan on going out on a boat a lot this summer! I’m definitely downloading some of these!

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