Making Your Family Getaway Eco-Friendly: My 5 Tips

There’s nothing quite like going on a sunny beach getaway with the entire family. Aside from spending quality time with the entire gang, there are also ways to make your vacation eco-friendly. It’s always good to care for this wonderful planet. After all, it does provide us with the unforgettable experience of travel!

Making Your Family Getaway Eco-Friendly: My 5 Tips

The good news is that having an eco-friendly vacation is easy! Here are just some ways to make your getaway a little greener:

1) Choose the right resort: ​Aside from offering family-friendly amenities, there are a variety of great resorts that also incorporate environmentally sustainable practices in their hotel operations. Properties like Dreams Los Cabos and Now Larimar Punta Cana (both from the AMResorts Property family) are part of the Rainforest Alliance Program. Resorts with this certification have taken the necessary measures to ensure that many of their day-to-day operations are running with the environment in mind!

2) Choosing less layovers:​ Sure, there are some sun destinations where layovers are absolutely necessary. But not for some places (especially when you’ve got little ones in tow)! So not only are you reducing your carbon footprints by spending less time in flight, but you also have the comfort of knowing that your destination is within reach.

3) Opting for educational activities: ​Yes, swimming with the dolphins is an incredible and fun experience. But it also comes with a variety of dangers for the dolphins who remain in captivity. There are other ways to enjoy wildlife, while also ensuring that it’s cruelty-free. Eco-tourism is a big element found in many sun destinations. In fact, a lot of them offer one-of-a-kind experiences (swimming with whale sharks anyone?!).

4) Respect the environment: ​Many (if not all) of these destinations possess stunning surroundings and beautiful lush forests. It’s great that many of these places allow tourists and travellers to explore it. It’s our responsibility to ensure that we leave it as close to its natural state. That means not littering or taking any elements of the environment away from its surroundings.

5) Buyer beware: ​Purchasing little souvenirs is a great way to preserve the memories of your vacation. Support local vendors and artists rather than purchasing gifts at large retailers. Not only will your souvenir be unique, but your purchase will support the local community!

Like I’ve said before, having a vacation that is both fun and eco-friendly is easier than you think!

Our friends at are kicking it up a notch with their current environmental initiatives. This online travel agency offers more than just all-inclusive vacations and travel packages. Their experienced and knowledgeable travel agents are able to suggest eco-conscious resorts and destinations.

Aside from great service, their non-profit initiative, Earth Together, ensures that by simply working and booking with, travellers are positively contributing to a variety of community efforts geared to caring for the planet. Make sure to check them out at or give them a call at 1-888-685-6888 to plan your family getaway today!


  1. Great list of ideas! Love that travel companies are making it easier for us to choose the right the options!

  2. I am very aware of this both as a family who enjoys traveling frequently and as a travel blogger too. I think the next few years will be interesting because there should benefit uptick in the number of Eco friendly options and resorts and businesses in general that embrace green ecotourism. Kudos to these resorts mentioned that are making an impact already:

  3. Great tips. Unfortunately flying from Regina, it is almost impossible to avoid lay overs for most destinations 🙁 I can tell you that swimming with dolphins is on my will never do list. I wish more tourists would be respectful of their environment when travelling. I’ve seen people walk on coral reefs in Hawaii after spending an hour in a mandatory class about what not to do before even being allowed in the area 🙁

  4. These are such helpful tips for planning a vacation and especially an eco-friendly one. I love that they have trips designed specifically with that in mind.

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  7. I love all of this great eco-vacation tips, they make a lot of sense. I would not visit a resort, or any place for that matter, that keep animals in captivity for the enjoyment of humans. It’s great to know that this philosophy is practiced by some resorts too, I would definitely seek out those specific resorts.

  8. All inclusive vacations are the best. It’s nice to have greener options to choose from when you take the family away.

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  18. This is fantastic! We used these tips during our trip to Mexico last year and it did make a difference. We are going to up our game on the next trip and work to make it even better. Less money spent and more fun had!

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