Relax with Hallmark & Have Some Me Time #LoveHallmarkCA

For the first few years of being a mom, I really had no idea that ‘me time’ was even a thing. I just assumed my life with be filled with diapers and feedings and soccer games and cooking 24/7. Pretty much forever. There is no doubt I was not taking care of myself. It wasn’t until we had our fourth and I was an older and wiser mom, that I realized I needed some time for myself. Not taking care of myself and being exhausted was not helping anyone.

Relax with Hallmark and Have Some Me Time

Now I make sure to do things for myself whenever possible. I have my shows I love to binge watch. I run on the treadmill and go to zumba. I have retail therapy and take myself out for lunch every once in a while. I read, colour and try to find other things to do that I enjoy.

For as long as I can remember I have loved to colour. I would sit side-by-side with the kids colouring in their books. I would draw in notebooks and doodle to pass time. It really excited me when adult colouring books became a thing. Now I could colour and not have to rely on cartoons and over-sized fruits for inspiration.

Growing up, our family always had a large puzzle on the go. Usually a landscape image or wildlife shot that the entire family would contribute to. When done, we would glue it to a board and hang it on the wall. When I became a mom, I tried getting my children into puzzles. They liked them when they were younger, but life gets busy and it is near impossible to have teens slow down and complete a puzzle. I have been looking for one I can complete on my own, in my own time.

Hallmark Canada has everything you need to find some ‘me time’ and relax. Candles, colouring books with pencils and puzzles. Relaxing and dedicating some time to you, does not need to take a lot of time or cost a fortune. You can dedicate a few minutes a day to just escape and relax.

Just a few of the great items you can find at Hallmark Canada to help you relax.

The bright colours of the puzzles and detailed images in the puzzles and colouring books make me smile. This is just what I needed! I learned in the spring I have anxiety and being able to have a healthy distraction when needed is good for me.

You can see these and other amazing items to add to your home and life at

What do you do to have a little ‘Me time’?

disclosure As a part of the Hallmark blogger panel, I receive products and perks at no cost for my involvement in the program. All opinions are my own. 


  1. I am a big fan of puzzles and happily will do these ones with my kids. My tea cup is already in rotation. Now I have two because I drink a lot of tea and I am using the candle upstairs. LOVE the plaque that is for colouring. It is so cute and it will be a big hit with my older daughter I think.

  2. Hmmmm, me time… That’s a novel concept! Haha! I’ve purchased these books as gifts before but would really love one for me! 🙂

  3. I absolutely love binge-watching my fave shows during my me time as well. I just recently picked up coloring as well and it is so fun to do this side by side with my coloring-obsessed 5 year old. Never gets old.

  4. That’s would be a really nice set to have.

  5. I just love those adult coloring books they make such a great gift.

  6. Me time is bath time, where I soak in epson salts and read (well ok, the ferrets and cat all come in the room as well, but they dont hop in the bath so its ME TIME)

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