Slash Energy Costs With A Free Energy Audit App

Slash Energy Costs With A Free Energy Audit App

We of the North – Canadian residents – are no strangers to higher utility costs that come along with rising snow levels, severe winter storms and colder months that come along with this time of year. But the makers of a free, home energy app from Homeselfe, could help to curb these costs.

It’s an easy process that takes only about five minutes to complete after downloading their no-cost app (free is good). Once installed, it takes you on a step-by-step tour of your home. After answering a few simple questions about your house, given some of the appliances and materials found there, it delivers a detailed report that can guide homeowners to performing some simple solutions that could slash their energy costs.

Solutions And Choices

Some of the basic solutions offered by the Homeselfe report may include changing light bulbs from energy draining incandescent choices to more energy-efficient options that can last up to 25 times longer than the old-school varieties. What most consumers realize immediately is that there are advantages and disadvantages when it comes to making this type of switch.

Mostly it’s because the price of LED or Compact Fluorescent Bulbs cost much more upfront compared to their outdated counterparts. But we need to remember that in the long run, they’ll save us much more in future savings rather than looking at the initial sticker-shock.

Other Recommendations

A resulting Homeselfe report may recommend adding more insulation to attic spaces, repairing cracks around windows and doorways with inexpensive caulking. Others may request that homeowners to replace appliances with newer models, which is obviously more expensive. But the choice is yours once given this type of information … for free a with no obligation, advertisements or other annoyances.

For even more ways to save, check out their infographic on “How To Stay Warm In The Winter (Without Freezing Your Wallet). Even if you don’t try their app, there’s still some other ways you could save some cash during these colder months. What have you got to lose?

Warm in the Winter


  1. Yes, we like energy saving lightbulbs. We also keep our furnace maintenance up so it runs efficiently. Great tips.

  2. great ideas to help families with the rising costs. We try and keep our furnace low, and we have it cleaned and maintenance check every fall

  3. My neighbours do energy audits, which if u qualify may get u some free help. One of the things they recommend is getting a wrap for your hot water heater

  4. These are great tips! I always keep my blinds closed to keep the heat in. It seems to help a lot!

  5. We have a programmable thermostat. It was awesome for when we both work outside of the home. You don’t need to remember to turn it down it does it automatically for you. And if you happen to be home one day, the push of 1 button sets it to like you are home.

  6. Great tips Kim! Over the years my hubby and I have been making our house smarter and smarter. All the bulbs in our house are now LED, we also have a smart thermostat! Love it!

  7. We had an energy audit and from it learned how to reduce our monthly energy bill greatly during the winter and summer seasons. We learned that turning up the thermostat more than 2 degrees at a time automatically turns on the auxiliary heat which according to our auditor is like burning up $1 bills. It turns out he was telling the truth because we stopped doing that and saw our monthly bill drop drastically.

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