3 Staple Meals to Teach Your Kids to Cook

Teaching your children to cook is a very important skill that many parents shy away from. Whether you worry about the dangers of cooking with kids, or keep putting it off because you can’t seem to find the time, it’s important that you do it. Your children will gain independence and confidence from knowing how to prepare their own meals. You can start with very simple meals and then work your way up to more difficult ones in time.

If you do not give them these skills, they will one day be on their own and be helpless. Learning the basics is important. Having your kitchen open for your children to help you prep meals is a great way to start.

Staple Meals to Teach Your Kids to Cook

Here are three staple meals to teach your kids to cook:

Mac and Cheese – Most kids love mac and cheese, right? There are many different ways to make it and it’s always delicious. This is a great first meal you can teach your children to cook.

Salad – Yes, it’s a meal. There are many ways to make a salad and so many things to put it in. You will always be teaching your kids the basics of how to use a knife properly while also fostering an appreciation for colorful and healthy fruits and vegetables.

Pasta – A good traditional dish is spaghetti and meatballs but you can choose a favorite pasta and teach them that one. This is the kind of staple that will stick with them when they are out of your house, away in college, and even when they have kids of their own.

Keep in mind when teaching your kids to cook that you can start small and simple and work your way up. Initially, your children might just watch you cook while you talk them through what you’re doing. Next, you can have them do simple tasks like pouring and measuring. Eventually, they will work their way up to preparing entire meals by themselves!

Each of my children have different interests and skill levels when it comes to the kitchen. I can confidently say, they are all able to prepare basic meals and fend for themselves. It makes my heart smile when they cook for the family and do so with ease.

What are some of the meals your children cook?


  1. Both kids love helping out in the kitchen. They’ve started cooking one meal a week together for the family where they plan the menu, make it and serve it, I only have to supply the groceries on their list. It has been a great learning experience for them learning how to make healthy meals with all the food groups.

  2. These are great meals to teach the kiddos to make. All three are versatile and easy to customize to specific likes.

  3. Great recommendations! We let the little one help out in the kitchen and he enjoys it. Knowing the basics of cooking is something that kids should be learning. One day they’ll have to do it without us to help.

  4. I totally agree… Love having the kids help in the kitchen

  5. I love cooking with my grandson. When he comes over he quite often makes supper. He does really good and it is such great quality time with him.

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