4 Simple Games to Play as a Family

There are few things that help a family bond quite as nicely as playing games together. Whether it’s just your immediate family or extended family over for a visit, playing games is a great way to pass the time and also get to know one another better. But what do you play? We have some great ideas you may want to check out next time you get everyone together.

4 Simple Games to Play as a Family

Here are four simple games to play as a family:

Musical chairs – Who didn’t love this one as a kid? You’re never too old to enjoy this fun game. Grab the radio (or a smartphone) and pick some tunes, then gather all the chairs and get started.

Family history charades – Like regular charades but with your family history. See who knows the most about the family while also learning new things yourself. This is a great activity for the young and old and it doesn’t require anything special to play.

Draw and write – This is a version of the Telephone game (where one person says something and you have to whisper it to the next person and so on until then end and then see how the original message has changed) except with drawing and writing instead of the whispering.

Two Truths and a Lie – In this game, as the title says, when it’s your turn you say three things about yourself. Two of them will be true but one of them is made up. Your family gets to try their hand at picking the lie. Then go around the room and let everyone have a shot. You’ll probably learn some new and interesting things about one another!

Now that you have these game ideas, you’ll never stress over what to do. Are there any family games you would add to the list?


  1. robin masshole mommy says

    I haven’t played musical chairs in a million years. I am going to have to get the boys and play tonite.

  2. My family loves to play games when we’re all together. Fun idea to pull out some oldies but goodies.

  3. You are so right when I play games with my son I see this other side of him, but its all good. I loved al your ideas and twists on old games.

  4. I totally forgot about a lot of these games! I have not played musical chairs or Pictionary or anything like that in years. I think it would be fun to do with my son. Thank you for the idea I’m definitely going to do these again.

  5. These ideas sound so fun! Our family loves charades but I think it will be a lot more fun if it’s about our family history. Awesome!

  6. Family game night is such a great way to spend time together. I need to reinstate this in my house.

  7. Jeni Hawkins says

    Two truths and a lie is such a fun game. I love trying to figure out what the lie is.

  8. Sarah Bailey says

    Musical chairs was one of my favorite games when I was a child. This is so much of a reminder of the simple ways to have fun.

  9. These are all fun games. Musical Chairs was a great one that I always loved as a kid. I’ve done that with my girls before. They love that game.

  10. I think it’s a great idea to introduce these games to our kids. We can’t let the games that entertained us as kids be forgotten. I mean, what if the internet breaks someday? What will kids do?

  11. Lisa Bristol says

    I will have to play Family history charades with the kids this Saturday. We are planning to spend the day playing games and eating snacks.

  12. These are great games to play with the family. Family history charades will be so fun.

  13. What a great list! There are no better memories than playing games with the family. Such a great way to spend time together.

  14. The family history charade and two truths, one lie sound like games we would play. I can just imagine all of the interesting things we could learn.

  15. My kids love playing games, but we never thought to play some of these! Thanks for the ideas!

  16. Melanie Gray says

    Draw & Write sounds super fun – especially with the young ones – it would be hilarious (in a good way)

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