5 Ways an Attractive Privacy Fence Adds Value

There are many types of home improvements that can add value to one’s property. These improvements can run the gamut, from updating a kitchen with new cabinets to renovating an unused space – such as a basement – and turning it into an entertainment room or home gym. While there are numerous additions that add value to the home that readily spring to mind, one important improvement frequently overlooked and underrated by homeowners is fencing.

When a property owner installs a fence on their property, it often adds value to the home and can make it easier to sell. Fences built for privacy are particularly sought after by buyers, making them the leading choice for folks looking to increase home value through an upgrade in fencing. With that in mind, here are the top five ways fences built for privacy can improve a property:

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Property ownership laws can be quite complex and can vary widely from state to state and even locality to locality. Despite this, one common issue that often arises along one’s boundary lines is encroachment. While many neighbors do not intentionally set out to cross their own property line and trespass onto someone else’s property, it can and does happen.

In some areas, if a property owner allows a neighbor to use a portion of their property, it can actually become the other person’s property over time. A privacy fence is an easy and attractive way to clearly define the boundaries of the owner’s property and protect against potential encroachment.

Increases Security

It is not only neighbors who might trespass or misuse one’s property. This is especially true of properties that are located close to roadways, and walking trails. A fence can help to ensure that passersby maintain a safe and less invasive distance from the home, reducing the level of noise that enters the home. Fences also discourage unwanted visitors when the fencing is combined with a gate that can be closed and secured.

Privacy fencing may also be required in some localities when the landscaping and other fixtures outside of the home include a swimming pool or other potentially dangerous structure. Fencing in these cases deters uninvited visitors and can protect the property owner from potential lawsuits due to negligence that might arise from failure to secure the property.

Protects Landscaping

Fencing in at least a portion of the property is also a good way to protect smaller ponds and other natural water features, as well as delicate plants found in the landscaping or garden area that might attract stray dogs, deer, raccoons and other pests.

Increases Safety for Children and Pets

Families with small children and/or pets also tend to prefer to purchase property that has at least a portion of the backyard fenced in so that their young toddlers and furry friends can frolic and play freely, and be less likely to accidentally dash out into the roadway and be injured or killed by a vehicle.

Increases Curb Side Appeal

Privacy fencing comes in a wide range of materials that can be customized to best compliment the landscaping and appearance of the home. Common fencing materials include wood, brick, stone, block, vinyl, metal and chain link fencing. Regardless of the type of fencing that is used, it often serves to anchor the home to the landscape, and increase its curbside appeal, which can also make it easier to sell should the home owner choose to do so.

While there are many types of privacy fencing available, professional installation is also important to ensure that safety and durability of the fence and to make certain that the fence will add, rather than detract, from the value of the property.

Ways an Attractive Privacy Fence Adds Value


  1. I agree with all of your points. If you have a pet and don’t like taking him for a walk then build a fence and let him get his exercise in inside your fenced in yard. You won’t have to worry about him roaming.

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