Back to the Basics: Top Android Apps to Reduce Your Clutter and Replace Your Old Gadgets

Is the clutter in your life getting out of control? You might want to consider a few hints, gadgets and Android apps that can help you organize your world and keep it that way. Here are a few of our favorites.

Apps to know about

Evernote is a great Android app that can keep your life neat and tidy, say organizing experts at Apartment Therapy magazine. With Evernote, you can make master lists, daily to-do lists and shopping lists, too. Use the app to create a packing list before any vacation, and you’ll never take too much or too little when traveling. Use the scanning feature to save business cards, photos, important communications and other documents. You can also utilize Evernote to make paperless post-it notes to remind you of appointments to attend and other crucial things you need to accomplish. The less paper clutter in your life, the more organized you will be.

The Alarm Clock for Me app not only offers a perfect app to wake you gently in the morning, it also provides accurate weather information, no matter where you are. With customizable designer screen themes, this handy app takes the place of TV weather reports and bulky bedside clocks.

Three habits of super organized people

Those who organize their lives may seem to have it more together than you, but in truth, they simply use a few tricks to rid their world of clutter and confusion. You can do it, too.

Remove distractions and focus on priorities. Stow the stuff you use every day where you can find it. Things you use infrequently, stash out of sight. This will keep your brain from being distracted by unnecessary objects. Make physical barriers to organize drawers. Itemize your objects and place them in labeled containers. Filter your email so junk mail goes in one place, important communications in another. Check your spam box once a week and delete, delete, delete.

Declutter your life

Post-It Pockets are cool folders that adhere to the inside of cabinet doors. Use them to stow restaurant take-out menus, postage stamps, dry cleaning tickets and other ephemera, says Good Housekeeping magazine.

Don’t make the mistake of conflating ‘clean’ with ‘organized’. The neatest piles of paper on your desk may look tidy for a moment, and they’re sure to degrade into a mess again. Do away with as much paper as you possibly can. Scan important documents and back them up to a thumb drive. File the originals in a file cabinet, in case you ever need them. Once a year at least, take everything out of your closet and get rid of anything you haven’t worn in a year. Donate clothes to a local shelter or put exceptional garments up for sale at a consignment shop. When you pare down to the essentials and things you actually wear, you may be surprised at how easy it is to get ready for your day.

Organizing might not be easy at first, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Visit Google Play to find amazing apps that can help you declutter every aspect of your life.

Billy Lawrence is a contributor to a variety of tech-related blogs. He likes to share his tips and knowledge with an online audience.

Back to the Basics: Top Android Apps to Reduce Your Clutter and Replace Your Old Gadgets


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