Feeling the Daycare Crunch? Search Online for Better Options

Wherever you are in North America, finding good childcare has become alarmingly stressful as the competition for slots in daycares has skyrocketed. Families from New York to California to Ontario have reported years-long waiting lists and go intro crisis mode any time their child’s school shuts down unexpectedly or their sitter calls off sick.

If you’re feeling the daycare crunch, try searching online for better options in your area using a website dedicated to connecting families with childcare providers. Where you drop a precious little one off for several hours a day should be a safe-haven and you should have every confidence in the location. You don’t want to have to spend all day worrying about your son or daughter, so it may be time to stop relying on references or generic classifieds and start your search for high-quality daycare, sitters, or nannies online.

Feeling the Daycare Crunch? Search Online for Better Options

Find Specializations

Websites such as Sitter.com encourage users to create detailed profiles that make it quick to find the candidates who offer exactly what you expect out of a sitter. Part of the site’s customer service mandate is to create rich content that helps childcare professionals create better profiles and helps families create job postings that attract attention. More detailed job postings and profiles mean that users have an easier job making the right match for their expectations.

When you use the right source, you can narrow down your search according to the age of your child and special services such as meal preparation, crafting, swimming supervision, early education, special needs, or sick children. You can save a lot of time by narrowing down your search to the best daycare options for your family.


Searching online can sometimes feel a little like you’ve been left out in the cold, which is why new communities have been created to make both families and caregivers feel safer and supported. One of the advantages of working with a dedicated childcare site to find help is features like identity protection, which scrambles your phone number and email address when you contact candidates for an interview, as well blog posts that can help you find the right interview questions.

Take Notes

As you interview a candidate, take notes; it should not be the only interview you conduct, as you should cast a wider net in your search. Even if you’re convinced that you’ve found the perfect hire, keep looking; anything can happen, from a snow day to a medical emergency, and you may need a backup sitter at the last minute when your usual childcare provider isn’t available. It helps if you can use a site like Sitter.com that also lets you maintain an active list of favorites, so that you can quickly scroll through your list and start calling when you’re in a pinch.
Background Checks

Once you’ve interviewed several candidates, it’s time to run a background check, and sites like eVerify and BeenVerified come widely recommended.
Quick and Easy Childcare

If you’re ready to ditch the daycare crunch, get online to find the perfect childcare provider, with better features for narrowing down your search and putting your child into the right hands.

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