How to get more Blog Comments on your Posts

Let me start by saying, comments are really no big deal. In the big scheme of things having comments is not something you need, they do not define you or your blog or your success. I know many big bloggers who seldom receive comments and a few who actually turn off their commenting system. But I do know it is nice for some to see people are actually reading your posts. I know it is nice to see what your readers are thinking and it is great to see you are helping them and engaging.

Plus reps and brands seem to enjoy seeing comments and reading what people write when you post for them. So us bloggers try really hard to get comments and stress when we do not. But what is the magic number? How many comments make you happy? For me, I am happy if I get one but sometimes comments make me grumpy. They say when you write for large publications or post on YouTube, do not read the comments. You may notice many turn them off all together there.  Some people have too much time and just comment to be mean. We call those people trolls and wish they would just move on. Yet we still struggle with the task of getting them and worry over this.

So if you are like me and stress over getting blog comments on your posts, I have some tips for you.

How to get more Blog Comments on your Posts

Make it easy

Make commenting easy with a user-friendly comment system. If your readers need to create an account, log in etc to comment, chances are they will just move on.

Dump the word verification 

I get it, you want to keep out the spam. So you add Captcha to your blog in hopes to detour the spammers. However this also frustrates the readers who want to comment. I do not know how many times I have tried commenting on blogs and just gave up because of the word verification.  You are better off using the check if you are human box or moderating.

Ask a question

End your post with a question. Something that will entice your readers to answer in a comment. Ask their opinion or if they have anything to add.

Add share buttons

Sometimes it is the law of averages that does it. Add share buttons to your post so people will share it with their followers and friends. The more eyes you get on a post, the better chance of you getting comments.

Add as an additional entry

When I post a giveaway I add in an option for my readers to comment on a non-giveaway post. I let them choose what post they comment on, but this gives them the incentive to look around and leave a comment. I find once they do, they often come back and comment again and again.

Promote your blog

Add your blog post to your social media platforms, send it out in an email or newsletter. Get as many eyes as possible on your post. Add it to any linkies you may see and other sites that syndicate. Getting it seen by fresh readers sometimes is all that is needed.

It is up to you if you choose to respond to comments or to leave them. I will respond if a question is asked. I do moderate them and have new commenters filtered to weed out any trouble makers. As a blogger it is good to comment on other blogs. You can leave your blog link in the comment form which often gives you a link back to your blog. When I see bloggers commenting on my posts, I will follow the link and check out their lasted article. It is a win win.

I know there are many other ways to get more comments, but these ones work well for me. I would love to know what works for you. Happy blogging! `


  1. Elizabeth Vlug says

    I’m not a blogger, but I read a lot of blogs. I truly appreciate what bloggers do and the time it must take to run a successful blog. I don’t comment as much as I should, not sure why. I am quiet by nature so I guess that might be part of the problem. Trying to make more of an effort to leave the odd comment and let bloggers know I enjoy their content. Thanks for sharing the “other” side.

  2. ^^^ Elizabeth happens to be one of my favourite followers who offers up wonderful, genuine comments. Was happy to see her comment here. Great post, Kim! Love the advice. I truly love getting comments on my blog and I respond to them all. I think that’s key as well. If a reader takes the time out of their day to comment, make sure you acknowledge the comment by responding. I also love when a reader comments but also shares a little bit of themselves. Perhaps a memory, an added tip, advice, or funny comment. I love to learn about my readers!

  3. Making it simple is the key and I agree word verifications are such a hassle. Great tips, I’m going to start using the comment one for giveaways. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is a great post! I’m trying to comment more on blogs myself. I always love leaving a question at the end of my own posts to get a conversation going!

  5. I’m happy to see the first advice in your list, make it easy. Other bloggers want to see the email, name, and URL at the end, not all those annoying sign-ins like WordPress, Disque, and Blogger to name a few. That’s why I love CommentLuv 🙂

  6. Make it simple is often the key to so many things. I agree with the ask a question point too and also it is important to choose a simple platform and check it often. So many times I am reading something I like and try to leave a comment on the post and find comments are not working or suddenly the system is really slow loading and won’t take the comment. That turns me off and occasionally I leave then because who has time to waste?

  7. countryparent2016 says

    Great advice! I will keep that in mind for my next blog post and contest giveaways.

  8. I loved all these tips and will definitely try them out! I love the one about always leaving a question. I think that’s so important!!

  9. kelliemacmillan says

    I blog to make connections so comments are crucial to me. I have made some wonderful friends with some of my readers and we have a relationship that goes way beyond the blog. I’ve only ever had to turn comments off once and even that was’t a big deal. I feel that getting and giving comments is an act of extending good will.
    So far, I’ve never been disappointed.

  10. I love it when people comment on my blog and I find that engaging with other bloggers helps as well. However, I find that engaged comments rather than just “cool blogpost” is harder to come by so when it happens, I am SO grateful for it!

  11. I’m very happy to read this article. With your tips, I think I’ll improve blog comments getting

  12. I do all of those things and still alas no one ventures to visit me. However I am going to keep plugging along. In this world of blogging the competition for eyes is greedy. I also agree I’m like you where I actually don’t like comments as I end up with some trolls and I’d rather someone share or like my FB post than read something nasty on my blog left by a visitor, though everyone is entitled to their own opinion. These are great tips and I’m glad you shared them. 🙂

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