Items Not Worth Packing When Traveling

Packing can be a hassle, because people want to make sure that they have everything that they need when they reach their destination.  However, many people will find that it is easier to buy certain items when they arrive at their destination instead of trying to pack it all.  Everyone is limited with how much their luggage can weigh and how large certain items that are packed in carry-on bags can be.  By leaving certain items out of their luggage, most travelers will find that not only is their luggage a lot lighter, but they can clear security easier as well.

Items Not Worth Packing When Traveling

Here are 5 items that everyone should purchase once they arrive at their destination:

  1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen bottles can be big and bulky and there is no destination in the world that will not have it readily available for purchase. When I took the kids to Disney our bottle was taken away at the airport due to liquid size. Now we purchase at the other end. BUT be sure to buy where the locals shop or you will be paying a lot.

  1. Toiletries

Shampoo, conditioner, soap, and shaving cream will weigh down anyone’s suitcase and these items can be easily picked up at any convenience store once a person arrives where they are staying for their vacation.  If you are staying at a hotel, you will have some in your room. Housekeeping is happy to send up extras as needed. Another helpful hint for travelers is that shampoo can be used as a laundry detergent if any clothing needs a quick wash in the sink.

  1. Diapers and wipes

Families should only bring as many diapers and wipes as they will need to reach their destination.  These items can be purchased almost anywhere in the world and by purchasing them later, people will keep a lot of weight out of their luggage.

  1. Food

Unless a person has severe food allergies, there is no reason to pack food for a vacation.  Everything that a person will want to eat will be available at one of the local stores.  Besides, most people will find that they eat out more than they expect to while they are enjoying themselves on their vacation.

  1. Baby food and formula

The same applies to baby food and formula.  Parents should only pack enough to get them through their trip, taking into account that they may need a little extra for a delay or two.  Every store will have baby food and formula available for purchase and people will find that it is easier to stock up on once they have reached their vacation spot.

All of these items can be purchased once a person reaches their travel destination.  However, people should be careful and only purchase what they need for the time they will be away.  If not, a person will be weighing down their luggage with leftover supplies in addition to all of the souvenirs that they purchased while on vacation.

What do you have to add? Anything you rather not pack when traveling?


  1. Unless you have wheels to get around, lots of those items are insanely priced when you travel…I usually end up paying the same price for a 3-pack of sunscreen at Walmart that I would pay at a resort.

  2. These are awesome tips! I do bring some food, but I have a weird stomach. Usually I get the rest when I get to the destination.

  3. We usually bring way too many diapers with us when we travel. You never know when you will need extras on the road though, lol.

  4. Excellent post! I never pack toiletries of any sort when we travel. It’s so much easier to just get them when we get there. And most of them are already in the hotel room.

  5. I never pack ANY of that stuff. It’s all waiting when you get there, and it takes up so much room. SO MUCH ROOM!

  6. These are all things that you can easily get at your destination. I will never travel with sun screen again. I have had it make a mess in my luggage a few times.

  7. Elizabeth Lampman says

    Diapers and wipes can take up so much room. It is a great idea to only bring what you need until you arrive.

  8. Lisa Bristol says

    I am the worst for over packing. I will have to remember these great tips so I do not pack what I do not need.

  9. Great post! I never pack toiletries of any sort when we travel. It’s so much easier to just get them there.

  10. I agree with some of these. It’s easier to buy many of them when you’re at your location point. It does take up a lot of room.

  11. Great tips! These are really helpful! Saving this for reference! 😀

  12. I agree with Rebecca H. about some of these items being overpriced. A few years ago, at an all-inclusive, my niece wanted potato chips. And they were priced at $8.00. You can get them here on sale for $2.00.

  13. We don’t pack food when we travel but we do pack our toiletries. We will actually use travel sized items.

  14. I love picking up items when I travel somewhere just so I can check out the local stores–it’s fun to see how things are different! I’ve had too many exploded sunscreen bottles in my suitcase to make that mistake again.

  15. It would be better if we could travel without clothing of any type. Just think of the weight and cost savings! This only works if you could buy clothing at the end of your destination. It would be very expensive of course.

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